ENT 401 Honey Bee LifeCycle Activity

DELTA collaborated with David Tarpy to create a new Distance Education (DE) version of an existing face-to-face course, ENT 401: Honey Bee Biology and Management. This is an upper-level class that focuses on the biology and management of honey bees. One of the key deliverables was an interactive content-delivery and quizzing activity that emphasized the cyclical nature of caring for a colony of honey bees.

Instructional Challenges

  • Explore an interactive approach to further engage students and carry them through the cycle of honey bee management.

  • Create materials that Dr. Tarpy could use in extension activities as well as for-credit instruction.


“Lifecycle of Honey Bee Management” is an interactive web application that lets content authors mix text, images, videos, and other interactive media to portray and teach concepts that occur in cycles. Users can consume information, test themselves on it through different question types and save their progress between sessions and computers.


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