DELTA’s role within the Office of the Provost is to foster the integration and support of digital learning in NC State’s academic programs. We also support online and distance education programs at the university.


Lead the way in designing, creating and supporting extraordinary digital learning experiences.


DELTA applies expertise in technologies and pedagogies to create and nurture innovative, effective and impactful digital learning experiences for our community of instructors and learners with a collaborative, service-oriented and innovative mindset.

Values and Guiding Principles


We invest thought, care and compassion when making decisions that impact our staff and others.


We are transparent in our decision-making processes and communicate openly and often with each other and our colleagues.


We intentionally collaborate, encourage teamwork, develop partnerships and learn from others.

Data-informed Decisions

We gather and analyze data to help make thoughtful data-informed decisions.


We are curious and open-minded; we ask bold questions and try new approaches without fear of failure.

Strategic Goals

DELTA Goal 1: Lead the digital transformation of teaching and learning with a focus on quality, support, access, research, and innovation.

DELTA Goal 2: Partner with others, internally and externally, to share best practices, enhance credit and non-credit learning opportunities and engage in communities of practice.

DELTA Goal 3: Review and update current processes, structures and operations to ensure alignment between DELTA services and customer needs.

DELTA Goal 4: Cultivate a collaborative, inclusive, and agile organization.

Organizational chart

View the DELTA Organizational Chart (PDF).