This brand page is provided to give you easy access to materials that are brand compliant for both NC State and DELTA.

University Brand Information and Assets

The university’s brand page provides a thorough explanation of the Think and Do brand. Brand involves more than logos. Our NC State brand includes short, action-oriented text, specific types of images and fonts, and much more. Take a few minutes to browse the site and feel free to download any of their assets (such as PowerPoint templates) for use.

Make sure you are familiar with the guidelines before using these assets to create university-related promotions. These assets are only to be used for official university communications. Do not use them to promote private businesses or for individual purposes.

If you have any questions or problems as you use these assets, contact the Marketing and Communication Team at

Editorial Guidelines

DELTA follows the editorial guidelines established by University Communications at NC State, based on the AP Style Guide. We have also created our own style guide containing useful items.

If you have any questions about specific editorial guidelines or DELTA News, please contact Sherry O’Neal. She will be happy to help.

DELTA Assets

Our team has built the following assets based on university brand guidelines to provide you with DELTA-specific items you may need. You do not need special fonts on your system to use these assets. The PNG files are to be used for digital display (PowerPoint, websites, etc) while the EPS files are to be used for printing (brochures, handouts, etc) because they will scale cleanly to any size / resolution. Do not be alarmed by how the EPS files look when imported into Word; although they may not look right on screen, they should print well.

If you have any questions about specific uses of the NC State DELTA logos or need logos in other formats, please contact

DELTA Letterhead

Download either the DELTA Letterhead 1-Column Word template (.dotx) or DELTA Letterhead 2-Column Word template (.dotx) for official correspondence. Make sure to use Arial as the font for your content.

NC State Brand Assets

Visit University Communication’s brand site.