Interested in augmenting your instruction with video?

Panopto reinforces your teaching and improves student outcomes in a number of ways.

Panopto is NC State’s enterprise-level video management system. With it, instructors can create video course materials at home, in the office, or in the classroom. Panopto provides essential features such as two-way communication, recording integration, adaptive streaming and more.

Panopto also serves as a tool to flip and blend online and in-person formats as well as an important safety net for uninterrupted delivery of course content. Instructors can easily record their lectures from anywhere and post them online for the benefit of their students.

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How can Panopto help you reach your goals?

Panopto offers a platform for recording and sharing video content, including your lectures. Your students will be able to engage with the content, asking questions and taking notes. Panopto is integrated with other WolfWare systems, giving you an environment where you can use the full power of all of our enterprise academic tools.

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Are you looking for methods to support student learning?

  • Panopto provides plenty of tools to promote engagement and active learning either while attending a virtual class or when reviewing course content.
  • Panopto’s video analytics platform provides insights on both video and viewer behavior. It can reveal portions of instruction students view repeatedly, alerting you to concepts with which students are struggling.
  • Panopto’s interactive, embedded, and mobile video players contain key features for accessibility.

My favorite part of Panopto is how easy it is to use. I also really love the discussion feature that captures questions or discussions that students are having while they watch. I think this could be a really powerful tool to use in online courses.

–Melissa Ramirez
Teaching Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences

Do you need something that integrates easily with existing NC State academic technologies?

  • Panopto offers streamlined integration with Moodle, giving you the option to embed videos in your course and returning grades from Panopto quizzes to your Moodle gradebook.
  • Panopto connects to PlayPosit, allowing you to add the full range of PlayPosit interactivity to your Panopto content.
  • Panopto content can also be made interactive using H5P activities.
  • NC State’s classroom capture systems are all powered by Panopto, offering consistent recording and playback throughout NC State’s campuses.

Close up view of professor filming a class video

Panopto provides so many layers of choice –– both on the instructor side and the student side.

–Claire Gordy
Teaching Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences

Mid adult college student takes notes

What features can Panopto offer you in crafting course materials and reaching students?

  • Panopto has a feature-rich desktop recorder with a consistent interface across platforms.
  • Panopto’s robust editing capabilities enable you to tailor your video content as you wish.
  • Panopto includes enhanced engagement tools for students.
  • The SmartSearch video search engine allows students to search for any word spoken or shown on-screen and go directly to that point in the video.

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