What is IntelliBoard?

IntelliBoard is a data visualization tool that displays reports of student Moodle data.

How can it help you?

Check in on your students….

IntelliBoard offers a way to check in on the students in your courses by effectively using your data to support and improve your learning and training outcomes.

  • Predict outcomes
  • Track student participation and engagement from day one in each course
  • Monitor student progress throughout the term

Are students not active or have low activity?

The Inactive Users in Course(s) report displays users who have not logged in in the selected number of days.

activity level screenshot

See students with low grades?

The Learner Success and Progress report shows students’ current course grade compared to the course average, as well as the number of completed activities, time spent and Moodle visits. Instructors can use this report to view students’ grades as well as sort by letter grade. This can help show students with low course grades.

glimpse of low activity learning success

Review Quiz Outcomes

The Quiz Overview and Question Detail report shows statistics from each quiz including correct/incorrect answers, when the quizzes were finished, quiz grades and question details. Instructors can see how many students missed each question, which can help with future quizzes.

Quiz Overview

Question Breakdown

How do you access IntelliBoard?

In Moodle, use the menu IntelliBoard > Instructor Dashboard, at the top of the page.
how to access tool from WolfWare

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