Are you eager for interactivity and engagement? Want to exercise your creativity?

PlayPosit is a multimedia tool that allows you to create “Bulbs” by combining interactivity and video content from YouTube, Panopto or other video hosts. Using Bulbs, you can transform any video into a learning experience by embedding questions, images, audio and other media elements.

A unique feature within PlayPosit is the ability to require student interaction prior to moving on with the video lesson. You can enable or disable the ability for students to rewind, fast forward or skip non-required interactions, making sure all learning objectives are covered and key ideas are absorbed.

PlayPosit also hosts data about students’ use and performance within the embedded interactions and is configured to work with Moodle Gradebook, so you can consistently monitor progress and address any issues that appear.

PlayPosit Help and Support

For local support, contact DELTA’s LearnTech Help Desk.

View the PlayPosit Instructor Guide (Google Doc) to learn how to create Bulbs and connect them to Moodle, in addition to more nuanced tasks such as grading with PlayPosit.