Classroom Types

Deciding which type of classroom will meet your learning technology needs?

After establishing core technological needs for your course, it is important to identify what kind of classroom will provide you with the tools necessary for success. The links below provide information to help choose and reserve the classroom best suited to your needs.

Classroom Technologies


Learn where to find technology classrooms on campus and how to use their technologies on the ClassTech website.

110 Classrooms: Standard Technology Package

Learn about NC State’s standard technology package for its 110 classrooms to meet the needs of on-campus faculty.

110D Classrooms: Online and Distance Education Technology Package

Learn more about technological capabilities, guidelines for appropriate use, and support of Online and Distance Education classrooms by contacting DELTA’s Video Communication Services (VCS).

Mini Studios

If you are not scheduled to teach in a Panopto-equipped classroom, mini studios offer flexibility to record course content for online delivery at no cost. The mini-studio is a user-friendly environment that requires little training and expertise to operate.

Scheduling Resources

Registration and Records

Request a variety of different classroom resources at NC State.

Online and Distance Education Classroom Reservation Form

Request a classroom with Online and Distance Education capabilities by completing this form.

Video Conference Room Reservation Form

Request a video conference room by completing this form.

Classroom Design

NC State believes that effective design of physical spaces can enhance learning. If you are interested in learning about the foundations of our classroom design process, the EDUCAUSE Learning Space Design website includes research and examples of how effective learning space design can enhance learning.