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title slide: Faculty Experiences Working with DELTA
View this video to hear what NC State faculty are saying about working with DELTA.

DELTA Workshops focus on providing instructors with the tools, skills and knowledge to effectively use NC State learning technologies to impact student success. 

All DELTA Workshops are free and open to faculty, staff and graduate teaching assistants.

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Fall Workshops

We have a variety of training opportunities lined up for you to learn the tools, techniques and strategies needed to effectively teach in the online and/or hybrid learning environment. 

We’ll cover academic learning technologies such as Moodle, Zoom, Top Hat, PlayPosit and My Mediasite as well as tips and tricks for using those tools to increase engagement, enhance student success and create a welcoming online environment.

Create content for your course using interactive tools like H5P and PlayPosit. Create videos and screencasts for your course utilizing My Mediasite or our Video 101 course.

Check out different ways to use Zoom, including our new course on leveraging Zoom tools to increase engagement.

Asynchronous Workshop Opportunities

Asynchronous, self-paced trainings:

Why Should You Attend a DELTA Workshop?

  • All of our workshops are free and open to faculty, staff and graduate teaching assistants. Don’t miss a free opportunity to receive professional development.
  • Teaching with unfamiliar technology can be scary at first. Come let us help you navigate the unknown and get started using technology in your courses.
  • Even if you consider yourself an expert with using technology in your course, we’re always refreshing our workshops to include more advanced topics as well as tips and tricks you may not have thought of before.
  • We offer online workshops so you can squeeze in a session without leaving your office!

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