Previous Workshop Recordings

Watch full recordings of our popular workshops, which cover diverse topics:


Student engagement

Title Recorded Length URL
Activate Student Engagement: How to Promote Meaningful Learning 10/30/2019 31 minutes View
Flipping to Engage (with Justin Post) 9/27/2019 46 minutes View
How to Authentically Connect to Online Students (with Angie Smith) 4/10/2019 57 minutes View
Engaging Students in Large Enrollment Courses (with James McConnell) 3/20/2019 56 minutes View
Building Community in an Online Course 8/11/2016 56 minutes View
Engaging Distance Students in Applied Learning 8/11/2016 49 minutes View
Online Educator Series, Part I: The Powerful Impact of Interaction on Student Success in Online Classes 3/16/15 1 hr 5 mins View

Instructor resources

Title Recorded Length URL
Rubrics: Making Assignments Easier for You and Your Students 4/21/2020 58 minutes View
Tips and Tricks for Grading Assignments Online 10/22/2019 27 minutes View
3D Printing as an Inclusive Teaching Methodology (with Melissa Ramirez) 10/18/2019 57 minutes View
Student-Generated Digital Content (with Maria Gallardo-Williams) 9/11/2019 1 hour 54 minutes View
Maintaining Your Sanity When Teaching Online (with Donna Petherbridge) 4/24/2019 58 minutes View
Investing in Your Students: How to Build a Great TA Partnership 4/23/19 1 hour and 25 minutes View
Using Twitter to Support Your Teaching and Your Career (with Maria Gallardo-Williams) 4/17/2019 58 minutes View
Finding Research Opportunities in Your Online Teaching 8/11/2016 56 minutes View

Course planning and construction

Title Recorded Length URL
Creating Online Assignments and Learning Activities 5/11/2020 1 hour 58 minutes View
Helping Students Get Started in an Online Class 8/12/2020 30 minutes View
Ensuring Quality in Online Courses (with Molly Fenn) 3/27/2019 59 minutes View
DELTA Summer Shorts — Insights on Online Program Development 8/11/2017 1 hour 11 minutes View
DELTA Summer Shorts — Facilitating Online Synchronous Sessions 8/11/2017 1 hour 8 minutes View
DELTA Summer Shorts — Using Quality Matters to Drive Your Course Design 8/11/2017 35 minutes View
Considerations for Moving Your Course Online 8/11/2016 1 hr 17 min View
Using Video to Spark Student Learning 4/11/2016 56 minutes View

Online collaboration

Title Recorded Length URL
Collaborative Course Redesign: Students as Consultants (with Emily Griffith) 10/11/2019 51 minutes View
Making Teams Work at a Distance (with Kim Allen) 4/3/2019 56 minutes View
DELTA Summer Shorts — Fostering Collaboration in the Online 8/11/2017 56 minutes View

Tools and technology

Title Recorded Length URL
What’s New in Moodle 3.9? 3/16/2021 40 minutes View
Moodle Forums: Creating Dynamic Discussion Areas 5/21/2020 1 hour 42 minutes View
Moodle Boot Camp: Best Practices for Designing Your Moodle Course 5/5/2020 1 hour 30 minutes View
Using Moodle Tools to Improve Your Course 4/22/2020 1 hour 23 minutes View
Teach from Anywhere with Zoom 4/1/2020 1 hour 54 minutes View
What is WolfWare: A Workshop for New Faculty 1/2/2020 1 hour 8 minutes View
Tips for Increasing Engagement in Moodle 11/8/2019 59 minutes View
Top Hat Advanced: Beyond the Basics of Interactive Polling 11/6/2019 1 hour 18 minutes View
Top Hat and the Student Experience in Graduate Physiology Courses (with Elaine Bohórquez) 10/4/2019 59 minutes View
An Introduction to Top Hat 8/24/2017 49 minutes View