DELTA specializes in helping NC State instructors use learning management Moodle at NC State

NC State uses Moodle as its primary learning management software (LMS). Moodle allows instructors to communicate with a class, deliver course content, facilitate collaboration and manage assignments, quizzes, grades and more. To access Moodle courses, you must sign in to WolfWare.

Moodle can facilitate:

  • Maintaining a website for your course
  • Posting or linking to a variety of content such as syllabi, assignments, readings, reference materials or recorded media
  • E-mailing and posting messages to notify your students about important events
  • Using forums and wikis to allow students to collaborate
  • Posting grades securely
  • Receiving and returning assignments from students
  • Creating online assignments and quizzes

Who Can Use Moodle?

Anyone with an NC State Unity ID can be assigned to a Moodle role, which determines their permissions and responsibilities. Roles include site administrator, manager, course creator, teacher, non-editing teacher, student, guest¬†and authenticated user. Roles are described on Moodle’s official site.

Moodle Tools

Moodle supports standard applications and plug-ins such as forums, gamification modules, Moodle books, multimedia uploads, Scheduler and wikis. DELTA supports an expanded Moodle toolbox that includes the external applications Google Assignments and Turnitin.

Moodle Help and Support

DELTA offers many sources of information about Moodle, including:

You can also explore official Moodle documentation.