Need a way to manage your course anywhere at any time?

Moodle provides a multitude of opportunities to manage your course outside the classroom.

NC State uses Moodle as its primary learning management software (LMS). Moodle allows instructors to communicate with a class, deliver course content, facilitate collaboration and manage assignments, quizzes, grades and more. 

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How can Moodle help you reach your goals?

Moodle provides the opportunity for instructors to create customizable course websites for blended learning and online courses. Instructors can utilize Moodle’s core features, as well as external tools, to suit their own course objectives and needs.

Moodle allows vast flexibility in designing an engaging online environment for all learners, providing a way to use the various tools to connect with students and reach the learning objectives.

Michelle Bartlett
Former Associate Teaching Professor
Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development

Why is Moodle NC State’s primary learning management software?

  • Moodle is accessible. As a web-based software, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world on various devices and browsers.
  • Moodle is safe. Moodle consistently updates security features to prevent hacking, data loss and privacy-related issues.
  • Moodle offers streamlined integration of other instructional tools such as Panopto, PlayPosit, Zoom, Pearson, Google Assignments and more.
  • Moodle is customizable. Instructors can build their course pages and assignments with Moodle’s various customizing features to best suit their students’ needs.
  • Moodle is always evolving and updating by providing regular version updates for instructors to enhance their course websites.

Moodle is a robust learning management system that offers multiple ways for both instructors and students to engage in online activities. The platform also provides tools and opportunities to build community and connections.

Angela Smith
Associate Teaching Professor and Program Coordinator
College of Education

How can Moodle be used to facilitate communication and collaboration?

Moodle allows students and instructors to collaborate and communicate with one another through a course website. 

  • Moodle allows you to e-mail and post messages to notify your students about important events.
  • Moodle provides the option for forums and wikis to allow students to collaborate on assignments or discuss course topics.
  • Instructors can publish course materials and announcements for students to access.

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