Turnitin is a software that compares written work with the university’s database, Moodle submissions, the internet and published work. Instructors can use Turnitin on Moodle by activating Originality (or Similarity) Reports for an assignment or by creating a Turnitin Assignment 2 activity.

Originality reports generate a percentage of similarity to found text, which can be made visible to students. Instructors may choose to allow students to resubmit assignments to avoid high similarity percentages.

A Turnitin Assignment 2 activity creates a Turnitin Moodle Direct assignment that links an activity in Moodle to an assignment on the Turnitin site. Once linked, the activity allows instructors to assess and provide feedback for students’ written work using the assessment tools available within Turnitin’s Document Viewer.

In-depth explanation of Turnitin functions and tasks can be found in DELTA’s LearnTech articles.

Turnitin Help and Support

For local support, contact DELTA’s LearnTech Help Desk.

Turnitin and DELTA offer videos, how-tos and demos to help you set up assignments and leverage the tool’s comparison capability. Helpful links are listed below: