WolfWare WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content authoring platform used by NC State for website generation and maintenance. DELTA offers special support for WolfWare WordPress, which is optimized for building class-specific websites.

To compare standard WordPress and WolfWare WordPress in-depth, visit our Get on the Web page. If you have a WolfWare course or project space, you can activate WordPress to create a website for your course. WolfWare WordPress is designed to provide secure access for instructors and students, as well as a consistent and brand-compliant appearance for each course.

WolfWare WordPress allows you to:

  • Create a public “landing page” for easy access and recognition for anyone interested the course
  • Deliver instructional content via a website
  • Restrict access to enrolled students, designated users or the public
  • Maintain a space to upload files that students can view, link or download
  • Provide consistent and brand-compliant appearance for each course

Activate in WolfWare

Who Can Use WolfWare WordPress?

Only instructors and administrators can build and manage WolfWare WordPress sites. However, viewing permissions may be set to include all NC State credential holders, only students who belong to your course or the public.

WolfWare WordPress Help and Support

Below are many DELTA-supported and official resources for WordPress, including:

WordPress resources:

WolfWare WordPress resources: