DELTA Research, Assessment and Evaluation Staff Resources

Digital Education Research and Assessment

  • DELTA’s Assessment Repository is a collection of assessment, evaluation, and data collection tools and best practices designed to supplement and support DELTA’s research- and data-driven practices. These assessment tools can integrate into existing curricula, and/or provide valuable data for your research on teaching and learning. Its primary function is to help users find reusable measures that are suitable for their specific needs. 
  • DELTA Grants Assessment Levels document is a guide to aid your thinking when first analyzing which assessment level may be most appropriate for your grant project(s). While we would expect Research and Analysis’s, this resource is available to allow project assessment and evaluation to occur independently.

DELTA-Wide Centralization of Survey Activity

This process encourages DELTA teams to create and disseminate their own department-specific evaluations and assessments for better communication and transparency of the surveys being administered. Project leads are asked to complete the DELTA survey registration form prior to sending it out to a faculty, student, and/or staff survey participants.
Link to more information on DELTA’s centralization of survey activity.


The DELTA Centralized Survey Activity Calendar is for you to see which surveys will be active to help you plan the timing of your survey(s).