Video services include Field Production, Studio Production, Audio Production and Post Production.

Field Production

An example of DELTA Video Services for Instructional Media Projects

An example of DELTA Video Services for Instructional Media Projects

The images above are still production shots that give the viewer a behind-the-scenes look during a production shoot


With field production, DELTA can use video to take students places they cannot travel to in person. By bringing the experience to the viewer’s location, we are enhancing accessibility and remote learning opportunities and creating learning experiences that otherwise may not be possible. DELTA has produced videos from a variety of on-site locations such as laboratories, factories, farms, arenas and more. 360° video takes field production a step further by capturing the full spectrum of a location and granting students the autonomy to move around and engage with the digital environment.

Examples of DELTA field production:

Studio Production

An example of DELTA Video Services for Instructional Media Projects

The image above is an example of a studio production shoot. NC State’s Chancellor Randy Woodson was filmed in the studio while the producer discusses the video shoot with him.

Studio production takes place in a controlled environment, typically equipped with lighting, audio and set equipment. It is most helpful when you are creating high-quality instructional content such as demonstration videos, live streams and interviews. Studio production allows for precise control and regulation of the production environment, including lighting and sound elements. DELTA uses studio production to take instructional content out of the classroom and into a more refined environment. The one-on-one connection between subject and viewer that results from studio productions can make instructional content feel more relatable and personal to students.

Examples of DELTA studio production:

Audio Production

An example of DELTA Video Services for Instructional Media Projects

The image above is a screen grab of a podcast project that was developed and recorded to instruct students and faculty on how to create a podcast.

Audio production is solely focused on the sound elements of a video or recording and is especially important in the creation of podcasts. Audio production is helpful when there is not a lot of visual material available. It makes it possible to tell a story and let people focus on what is being said in a way you can’t with video. It also enables longer-form content, as an audience may be more willing to focus on audio for a longer period of time as opposed to video. Audio production also allows for quicker production times than video.

Examples of DELTA audio production:

Post Production

An example of DELTA Video Services for Instructional Media Projects

The video still above is an example of post-production, which may include adding titles, subtitles and reducing the length of the final version.

Post production encompasses all aspects of video editing, including video and audio editing, color grading and adjustment, audio enhancement or cleaning, addition of graphics and B roll, addition of effects, etc. It allows you to edit out pauses, stumbles and extra content in the video, boiling it down to only the content you want to share. It is a powerful way to direct student attention to the most important aspects of a video or podcast. Post production is the final component of all other forms of video production, including field, studio and audio production.

Examples of DELTA post production include:


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