Learning Management Systems

DELTA specializes in helping NC State instructors use learning management systems to their greatest effect. From creating a course home page to online testing and grade submission, mastering learning management systems can help keep you organized, save you time and improve your effectiveness in communicating with your class.

WolfWare at NC State

WolfWare is NC State’s enterprise suite of academic technologies and tools that provide instructors, students, prospective students and staff with a cohesive online environment for course enhancement and delivery. It is managed and supported by Distance Education and Learning Technologies Applications (DELTA) at NC State University.

Read more about WolfWare’s history on DELTA News.

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Who can use WolfWare?

Students, staff and instructors use WolfWare as their gateway to all online courses; past, present and future. Users can see the course shells, course instances and project spaces to which they belong. Prospective students and staff can use WolfWare to view summaries of and logistical information about courses at NC State.

WolfWare tools

WolfWare is a suite of technologies that enhances learning environments and support for students and instructors. Tools and applications within the suite include:

  • Mediasite and My Mediasite: Video platform that enables instructors to record instructional content in a variety of settings.
  • Moodle: NC State’s learning management system for course content delivery.
  • Syllabus Tool: Step-by-step tool for syllabus generation.
  • Top Hat: Comprehensive teaching platform that instructors can use to engage students both within and outside of the classroom with interactive slides, graded questions, customized content, videos, discussions and polls.
  • WolfWare Google Groups: Platform that allows instructors to include email lists (powered by Google Groups) within a WolfWare Course, Project or Outreach space. Instructors can share Google Calendar invitations and Google Drive content also.
  • WolfWare WordPress: Content authoring platform that allows you to create a course site outside of Moodle.
  • Zoom: Video-conferencing application that allows synchronous online collaboration

WolfWare help and support

If you have questions or would like additional assistance using WolfWare, email DELTA’s LearnTech help desk or call at 919-513-7094. You can also submit a help request on the LearnTech website.

DELTA also offers WolfWare resources in Service Now.

WolfWare announcements

Announcements about upcoming updates and maintenance can be found in WolfWare. The calendar of maintenance windows can be found on the WolfWare Updates & Maintenance page.

Moodle at NC State

NC State uses Moodle as its primary learning management software (LMS). Moodle allows instructors to communicate with a class, deliver course content, facilitate collaboration and manage assignments, quizzes, grades and more. To access Moodle courses, you must sign in to WolfWare.

Moodle can facilitate:

  • Maintaining a website for your course
  • Posting or linking to a variety of content such as syllabi, assignments, readings, reference materials or recorded media
  • E-mailing and posting messages to notify your students about important events
  • Using forums and wikis to allow students to collaborate
  • Posting grades securely
  • Receiving and returning assignments from students
  • Creating online assignments and quizzes

Who can use Moodle?

Anyone with an NC State Unity ID can be assigned to a Moodle role, which determines their permissions and responsibilities. Roles include site administrator, manager, course creator, teacher, non-editing teacher, student, guest and authenticated user. Roles are described on Moodle’s official site.

Moodle tools

Moodle supports standard applications and plug-ins such as forums, gamification modules, Moodle books, multimedia uploads, Scheduler and wikis. DELTA supports an expanded Moodle toolbox that includes the external applications Google Assignments and Turnitin.

Moodle help and support

DELTA offers many sources of information about Moodle, including:

You can also explore official Moodle documentation.

WolfWare WordPress at NC State

WordPress is an open-source content authoring platform used by NC State for website generation and maintenance. DELTA offers special support for WolfWare WordPress, which is optimized for building class-specific websites. 

To compare standard WordPress and WolfWare WordPress in depth, visit getontheweb.ncsu.edu. If you have a WolfWare course or project space, you can activate WordPress to create a website for your course. WolfWare WordPress is designed to provide secure access for instructors and students, as well as a consistent and brand-compliant appearance for each course.

WolfWare WordPress allows you to:

  • Create a public “landing page” for easy access and recognition for anyone interested the course
  • Deliver instructional content via a website
  • Restrict access to enrolled students, designated users or the public
  • Maintain a space to upload files that students can view, link or download
  • Provide consistent and brand-compliant appearance for each course

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Who can use WolfWare WordPress?

Only instructors and administrators can build and manage WolfWare WordPress sites. However, viewing permissions may be set to include all NC State credential holders, only students who belong to your course or the public.

WolfWare WordPress help and support

Below are many DELTA-supported and official resources for WordPress, including:

WordPress resources:

WolfWare WordPress resources: