Moodle Roadmap

Help students stay organized and keep up with your course content and activities with a Moodle Roadmap

Roadmap is a Moodle activity you can build into your course to provide students with an interactive visualization of course content, activities and assessments. Students can use the Roadmap to monitor their activity completion progress and fill their “activity rings” to earn roadmap achievements.

The Roadmap helps students to understand the expectations the instructor has of them. This, in turn, reduces the number of logistical questions students may ask the instructor. With this guidance, students also appear to be learning the material better. And, this reduces the number of content questions students frequently ask the instructor, prior to using Roadmap.

Dr. Keith Heyward
Teaching Professor
Department of Physics

How do Instructors and Students use the Moodle Roadmap?

  • Instructors: Plan out a course with learning objectives, activities, resources, and assessments. Activate the “Activity Completion” settings for each item in your course that students would want to track. Then, build the Roadmap in Moodle by setting up the structure and connecting the Moodle items that students will process through and complete during your course.
  • Students: View the Roadmap (instructors determine the course location for the Roadmap) and use it to monitor their progress through a course. The Roadmap icons will color in as they complete associated activities, give them reminders for activities due within 24 hours, and award them stars for on-time completion of activities.


They (students) seem more engaged in their classroom work when they’ve successfully completed their online independent work prior to class. The Roadmap makes these expectations very clear. The structure and expected pace provided by visually seeing the due dates, working sequentially to check them off and getting gold stars for doing them on time, all reinforce the behavior we want to encourage.

Elizabeth Dempster
Senior Lecturer
Department of Mathematics

Ready to Get Started?

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Comfortable with Technology?

  • Build course activities in Moodle and turn on Activity completion
  • Add the Roadmap activity from the resource and activity chooser
  • Build phases and cycles in Roadmap and then link to Moodle activities and resources

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