Zoom at NC State

Zoom web conferencing software is available to NC State users. As part of the WolfWare suite of tools, Zoom supports academic needs related to synchronous video communication and collaboration. The tool has a variety of instructional purposes, such as presentations, class discussions, exam reviews, guest lectures or class group work. The Zoom implementation was coordinated by DELTA and our campus partners (CALS Extension, NC State University Libraries and The Friday Institute). To use Zoom, go to https://ncsu.zoom.us and log in with your NC State credentials.

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a web conferencing application that can be used for online meetings, webinars, chat, mobile collaboration and other types of online communication. NC State instructors can use Zoom in their courses to conduct synchronous online class meetings or to hold online office hours.

Who Can Use It?

NC State’s license includes a Licensed account for active university employees and students.

What Is The Zoom Add-On?

Zoom offers an add-on for G-Suite (including Google Calendar, Gmail). The add-on allows users to schedule, join and manage meetings via Zoom directly from their calendar or email.


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