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Jeff Webster

Director, Educational Technology Services Academic Technology
Address Box 7113 Raleigh NC 27695 Phone: 919-513-1250
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Jeff holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, a Master of Science degree in Mathematics and a Master of Computer Science degree all from NC State University.

Jeff joined DELTA in December 2007 and is currently the Director, Educational Technology Services. Previously he has held several positions on campus in ITD/OIT, the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (now College of Sciences) and Department of Mathematics.

His work has supported online learning to varying degrees for more than 20 years. In 1996 he assisted faculty in the Math department launch online course material for the first time. He was part of the team that developed, launched and supported the first course management system at NC State in 1999. The system was named WolfWare, now called WolfWare Classic, which with some modifications remained active until its end-of-life in May 2018. In addition to WolfWare/WolfWare Classic Jeff has been involved in some way with most of the online learning technologies used at NC State including: WebCT CE, WebCT Vista/Blackboard Vista, Elluminate, Moodle, Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing, Equella and Mediasite. In his current position he was heavily involved in moving Moodle from pilot to our production learning management system (LMS) and led the efforts to integrate it with other campus systems; student information system and other learning technologies, which included the creation of a new WolfWare.

Jeff has a strong interest in sharing knowledge and ensuring that customers are receiving well designed and relevant services. As part of these interests he has been involved in committees, governance and conferences throughout his career. On campus he has served on numerous IT groups (general IT, Linux, security, identity management, infrastructure) as well as general campus groups (Registration, Records & Calendar; Records Retention; Dining). In 1995 and 1996 he was the treasurer on the organizing committee for the first two Linux Expos in Raleigh, North Carolina. Red Hat took over managing the Linux Expo starting in 1997. In 2016 Jeff was appointed as a member of the first Committee of Management for the Moodle Users Association and has since been elected to four, one year terms.

Jeff was nominated for the Office of the Provost’s SPA Award of Excellence representing DELTA in 2015.

Jeff received the Provost’s Unit Award for Excellence in 2018. He went on to receive the NC State University Award for Excellence in the same year.