Sport and Entertainment Venue Management Marketing and Development

The Sport and Entertainment Venue Management (SEVM)  program focuses on the many technical details of sports and entertainment. The program is designed to educate students on the behind the scenes details of managing operations, logistics and staff at sport and entertainment venues. 

DELTA created marketing and instructional materials for SEVM to build awareness and encourage enrollments. 

Highlights and Outcomes

Through thoughtful and strategic marketing, DELTA created a variety of materials to reach potential students interested in the program. 

The marketing deliverables for SEVM included: 

  • Development of the SEVM website. 
  • Print pieces including an advertisement in the Sports Business Journal.
  • Materials for exhibits including a large trade show display backdrop.
  • Collaborating on a conference presentation at the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) VenueConnect Annual Conference. Professor Michael Kanters and Creative Director Mike Cuales led a session titled “Virtual Reality Training: The Future of Employee Training in Venue Management” that highlighted a VR training module created for SEVM. 
  • Four-panel, full-color brochure. 
  • Digital and web advertising with links to track metrics. 
  • Social media campaign including paid and organic advertisements. 
  • Videos including a time-lapse of PNC Arena being transformed from a hockey rink to a basketball court in 90 minutes, an award-winning faculty portrait video and more. 
  • Conference and exhibit giveaways including branded carabiners.

Other instructional materials included: 

  • Virtual reality training module at PNC Arena to immerse students and employees into the environment that closely simulates actual work situations.

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