First Course Designed Using Gamification Module

By adding gamification elements to our learning management system (Moodle), PRT 266: Introduction to Sport Management students were awarded badges that students achieve as they work through team role-play challenges with the career cards and avacards.

Team-based role play game where students break out into teams of 4-5 students and take on an avatar in need of a career. They work together to identify careers that most clearly match the profile of their assigned avatar, and then build the skills and experiences of their avatar through a series of activities to pair them with as many additional career options as possible. Each career pairing wins their team a career badge and the team with the most badges wins! At the end of this activity, students are able to more effectively develop their own career plan based on their own career interests. The “game” uses both avacards and career cards and is solely developed within the campus’ LMS, Moodle, so that other campus faculty can more easily adapt these techniques for their own instructional challenges where gamification makes sense.