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Kellin O’Daniel

Junior PHP Developer Academic Technology
Address Box 7113 Raleigh NC 27695 Phone: 919-513-7090
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Biographical Info

In March 2023, Kellin O’Daniel put his B.S. degree in computer science from NC State to work in his position as a junior PHP developer on the open-source applications team in DELTA. Kellin specializes in networking, web development and cyber security. He credits learning a lot about how education functions while he was an IT technician as a student, and he learned even more in his role as a temporary employee with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) prior to joining DELTA. 

One of the main projects Kellin is working on is the migration of separate WordPress assets into one WordPress multisite structure with the Open Source Applications Team. So far, Kellin enjoys the collaboration at DELTA.

Although he is originally from California, Kellin’s Navajo roots from the four corners area of the Southwest are a big part of his identity. His family relocated to Greenville, N.C., when he was young. 

Attending NC State and becoming a part of the Wolfpack community has been important to him as well. He strives to foster student success by maintaining and improving the technology that students use daily at NC State. In addition, he hopes to make a positive impact on our enterprise WolfWare tools.

Armed with a passion for accessibility in education, Kellin believes online education is one of the greatest tools that break down the barriers that have kept marginalized students from accessing higher education resources. 

With an interest in most things IT, Kellin participates in community security challenges online and has created an ongoing blog project recently (dumping ground for psychology, AI, science, philosophy, etc. that he feels like writing).