Immersive Media Timeline

Digitizing Textiles: Smooth as Silk?

July 18, 2023
sample textile visual

DELTA and the Wilson College of Textiles collaborate on a virtual reality (VR) solution to fabric exploration using cutting-edge technology.

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DELTA VR Tours Complement College of Design’s 75th Anniversary Celebration

June 21, 2023
decorative image with embedded text

DELTA and the College of Design teamed up to create virtual tours of the entire building to showcase the current facilities and projects students were working on. These tours are being used to engage with alumni as part of the yearlong 75th anniversary celebration as well as for recruitment and…

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An Extraordinary Look at NC State’s Extraordinary Places: AR Transforms Red and White Night

November 17, 2020
AR Red and White night display.

In 2020, Red and White Night was reimagined as a virtual experience to unite the Wolfpack and celebrate our unbreakable spirit. With the help of first-of-its-kind augmented reality, guests journeyed through campus and stepped into the places that live in the hearts of our students and alumni — even when they’re far from home.

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Inside an IEP: Immersive Meetings to Prepare Future Teachers

October 21, 2020
Shots from an IEP meeting in virtual reality.

Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson and a team at DELTA leveraged virtual reality and PlayPosit to create virtual meetings that will better prepare future teachers to support students with disabilities and positively impact the educational experience.

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Batting 1000: Feed Milling Awarded Third DELTA Grant

September 8, 2020
Feed milling team photo.

Since 2018, Fahrenholz and Herchler have applied to the DELTA Grants program three times. Every time, their application was accepted. In 2020, a year filled with challenges, the new grant was some of the best news they’d had in a while.

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DELTA Explores On-Location Photoscanning

September 1, 2020
Soil exposure at Umstead Park

Immersive Media Developer Stephen Waddell shares a few 3D models captured through photoscanning at William B. Umstead State Park.

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DELTA Explores Working with Spatial Audio for Distance Education

August 21, 2020
Small microphone.

Immersive Media Support Specialist Justin Kuhn shares how virtual reality with spatial audio creates real-life virtual experiences.

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Tackling Global Health with Virtual Reality

June 19, 2020
AR navigation cues.

A DELTA Grant project developed in collaboration with Assistant Professor Andy Stringer and the College of Veterinary Medicine will allow veterinary students to explore global health challenges, diverse farming practices and cultural contexts in virtual reality.

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NC State Organic Chemistry Virtual Reality Labs Shared Globally

April 29, 2020
Chemistry Teaching Assistant films VR lab.

Hear from Maria Gallardo-Williams as she talks about sharing her organic chemistry virtual reality labs to help other instructors continue teaching during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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DELTA Explores VR in the Classroom

April 27, 2020
DELTA Staff wear VR Goggles.

Immersive Media Support Specialist Justin Kuhn shares what we’ve learned about creating real-time virtual reality (VR) experiences.

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How We Think Before We Do: DELTA Explores Sound Design for Immersive Ed

March 10, 2020

At DELTA, we are constantly exploring, researching and testing the latest in immersive technology and its role in teaching and learning. We want to share what we’ve learned along the way.

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Augmented Reality Brings New Life to Graphic Design Theory Textbook

November 4, 2019
Screenshot from the GD 303 augmented reality application to enhance the standard textbook.

Created through a DELTA Grant with College of Design Associate Professor Deb Littlejohn, the augmented reality app for GD 303 enhances the standard theory textbook with interactive activities such as quizzes and guided tours. View article.

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Augmented Reality App Created for Feed Milling

August 1, 2019
An immersive feed mill experience is displayed on an iPad

Through a DELTA Grant in collaboration with faculty members Marissa Herchler and Adam Fahrenhoz, a team at DELTA uses interactive augmented reality (AR) to enhance the way traditional and distance education students learn about feed milling equipment and processes.

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DELTA and NC State Libraries Invited to San Diego State University to Share Immersive Learning

July 29, 2019

DELTA’s Creative Director Mike Cuales and the Department Head of Learning Spaces and Services at NC State Libraries David Woodbury visit San Diego State University (SDSU) to share advances in immersive learning. Cuales and Woodbury met with the Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning (VITaL) group at SDSU and gave a presentation on scaling content creation, content creation across campuses, tech lending and content distribution, and immersive technologies.

DELTA Staff Facilitate Poster Session at ELI 2019

February 21, 2019

Mike Cuales, Cathi Dunnagan and Teaching Associate Professor Maria Gallardo-Williams facilitate a poster session at the 2019 ELI Annual Meeting about their work on the virtual reality organic chemistry labs. Conference attendees experienced the labs from the first-person point of view.

DELTA Hosts Immersive Playground

November 9, 2018

DELTA hosts an Immersive Playground in partnership with the NCSU Libraries where attendees receive hands-on experience and further understanding of current and future immersive technologies such as Magic Leap, Hololens, Oculus Go and Lenovo Mirage Solo.

Launched Feed Mill Virtual Tour Using Matterport

September 26, 2018

As part of a blended learning grant project for Feed Manufacturing Technology, DELTA teams up with Marissa Herchler and Adam Fahrenholz to create a Matterport virtual tour of the NC State Feed Mill Education Unit. The tour captures all seven floors of the mill allowing students to explore areas that are not able to be seen in person. The team also created a 360° video to be used in the for-credit and extension courses. Production began in March 2018 and the grant wrapped up in September 2018.

Immersive VR Environment for LAR 457

September 3, 2018

The DELTA team in partnership with the College of Design’s Department of Landscape Architecture used virtual reality to bring site drawings to life and to show how work in the studio translates to finished structures in the real world and the construction behind them. Our first in-house real-time 3D VR development effort built in Unity and deployed on Oculus Go and Lenovo Mirage Solo. The Solo allowed users to “free-roam” in a 3D rendering of a water garden placed in downtown Raleigh. Read the article about the project.

Augmented Reality Exploration

August 21, 2018

DELTA begins exploring a range of Augmented Reality (AR) platforms, including Vuforia and Zappar, in support of several grants interested in immersive technologies for face to face and online education. The team is investigating solutions for Feed Mill management, Graphic Design using smartphones, tablets, Magic Leap and Vuzix hardware.

VR Food Safety Training

August 21, 2018

DELTA worked with Dr. Clint Stevenson and the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences team to develop two interactive 360° VR safety training modules and an immersive 3D facility tour using the Matterport camera system. The 360° video production, headed up by Arthur Earnest, Todd Buker, Mike Cuales and Michael Castro, features a first-person point of view allowing students to play an active role in the training scenario. Post production, advanced motion graphics via Adobe After Effects and interaction design in WondaVR were facilitated by Karen Jones and Stephen Waddell. View the zones identification lesson. View the environmental samples collection lesson. View the 3D facility tour.

2018-2019 DELTA Grants Awarded for the Exploration of Immersive Media

August 21, 2018

DELTA awards four grants for incorporating immersive media into the classroom: Marissa Herchler for “Augmented Reality for Process Flow and Formulation”, Deborah Littlejohn for “If This is Theory, Why Isn’t it Boring? Connecting a Traditional Text[book] to Real-life Context using Augmented Reality,” Xinyu Zhang and Emil Polyak for “Virtual Reality to Enhance Bioprocessing Course Curriculum,” and Janell Moretz and Erin Adair for “Special Event Planning Using Virtual Reality.”

Cultural Competency Module Receives Campus Technology Impact Award

August 1, 2018

The First Impressions virtual reality (VR) module receives a 2018 Campus Technology Impact Award in the Teaching and Learning category. Developed in partnership with the Global Training Initiative (GTI) through a DELTA Exploratory Grant, the First Impressions interactive VR experience allows students to dive into the minds of a global project team to learn about culture on both a cognitive and emotion

Immersive Exhibit and Presentation for SEVM

July 24, 2018

Professor Michael Kanters and Creative Director Mike Cuales present at the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) VenueConnect Annual Conference. The session “Virtual Reality Training: The Future of Employee Training in Venue Management” highlights the VR training module created to immerse PNC Arena employees into the environment that closely simulate their actual work situations.

Mike Cuales and Bethanne Tobey Present at Realities360 Conference

June 26, 2018

Mike Cuales and Bethanne Tobey facilitate a workshop on the Sport and Entertainment Venue Management 360 VR video-based training program. The session focused on how the program was created, what guided the development process, and how trainees are currently using it to learn and make decisions without fear of mistakes.

Prototype of Virtual Reality Organic Chemistry Lab Piloted

June 25, 2018

Through an exploratory grant project, DELTA worked with Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Organic Chemistry Labs Maria Gallardo-Williams to produce immersive, virtual reality organic chemistry lab experiences. The team used a first-person point-of-view approach using a GoPro Fusion 360° camera to further immerse the students in the experience. The lab experiences incorporate graphics, animations and illustrations to further explain scientific concepts.

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GTI Established NC State’s First VR-ready Classroom

June 1, 2018

GTI acquires 45 Oculus Go headsets to conduct the GlobalVR First Impressions module while hosting their international students. DELTA collaborated with GTI on the First Impressions VR module.

First Impressions VR Module Wins Serious Play Bronze Medal

May 21, 2018

The First Impressions VR module developed in partnership with the Global Training Initiative wins a 2018 International Serious Play Award Bronze Medal for excellence in games designed for higher education.

NC State Investigates Live 360° VR Video

May 1, 2018

DELTA works with to explore applications for live 360° video capture, evaluate workflow and distribution of 4k stereoscopic VR video.

Showcasing Games and VR for Education at 2018 East Coast Game Conference

April 17, 2018

DELTA and the Department of Computer Science facilitate a space to showcase a variety of innovative and cutting-edge projects from across NC State at the 10th annual East Coast Game Conference (ECGC).

DELTA Faculty Fellow Michael Kanters Holds Virtual Reality Workshop

March 22, 2018

Professor and 2016-2018 DELTA Faculty Michael Kanters along with Assistant Professor Kyle Bunds lead a workshop titled “Improving Curriculum through Industry Partnerships and Virtual Reality.” The workshop highlights DELTA’s partnership with Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management faculty and PNC Arena to create VR training modules.

NC State Represented at NY EdTech Week

December 18, 2017

Creative Director Mike Cuales represents DELTA and NC State at NY EdTech Week in a virtual panel alongside Harvard University and New York University on innovative applications of virtual reality in higher education.

DELTA Hosts VR Demo Day at Center for Technology and Innovation

November 6, 2017

DELTA hosts incoming DELTA Grant faculty to provide an opportunity to get exposure to various types of VR, AR, MR technology and experience some of the products that were developed for various courses.

Virtualizing Campus with 3D Scanning Technologies

November 1, 2017

DELTA partnered with the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) to explore immersive 3D scanning technologies for campus tours and online learning. DASA focused on developing tours of University Housing facilities allowing prospective students to explore campus living in a more engaging way. DELTA focused on scanning educational and lab-based environments to further enhance the student learning experience. View the University Housing tours.

Virtual Reality Modules for Sport and Entertainment Venue Management

September 1, 2017

DELTA developed two VR modules providing students with an immersive interactive tour of PNC Arena and the many careers and responsibilities that exist within an entertainment venue. The modules were also used as a staff training and onboarding tool for the arena. The solution was deployed on GearVR devices using the WondaVR Studio Platform.

DELTA and DASA Collaborate to Virtualize Campus

September 1, 2017

DELTA partners with Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) to initiate the purchase of the Matterport 3D capture system in an effort to “virtualize” campus over the course of 2-3 years. DASA will focus on capturing student housing and campus life while DELTA will focus on capturing lab facilities for student learning. Example of DELTA’s use of the Matterport 3D capture system.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Technology Continues to be Incorporated into LAR and ARC Courses

August 16, 2017

With the help of a DELTA Exploratory Grant, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture Kofi Boone successfully incorporates virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) technology into landscape architecture courses LAR 500 and LAR 502 and architecture course ARC 503 studio.

DELTA Grants Awarded for Exploration of Immersive Media

August 10, 2017

DELTA awards three exploratory grants for incorporating virtual reality (VR) into the classroom: Clint Stevenson for food science (FS 250), Maria Gallardo-Williams for organic chemistry labs (CH 222), and Muntazar Monsur for landscape architecture (LAR 457).

GTI Launches Immersive 360° Cultural Competency Video

July 1, 2017

As part of an exploratory grant project, Creative Director of New Media Development Mike Cuales leads DELTA’s work with Global Training Initiative (GTI) to create an immersive VR experience that gives students and professionals a better understanding of cultural competence in a business setting.

Virtual Field Trips Launched/Piloted for BIO 181

June 26, 2017

After wrapping up three 360° VR video productions at different locations across North Carolina, DELTA’s project team share their experiences working on a DELTA Exploratory Grant that aim to give Introductory Biology: Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity (BIO 181) students an immersive, virtual field trip experience through the development of interactive 360° videos.

DELTA, GTI, College of Design Facilitate Booth at East Coast Game Conference

April 18, 2017

DELTA staff in partnership with the Global Training Initiative hosted a virtual reality exhibit in the VR Village showcasing a cultural competency training module facilitated by the DELTA Grants program.

DELTA Shoots 360° Video Footage of Grand Asia Market

April 17, 2017

DELTA team shoots 360° video footage at Grand Asia Market as part of DELTA Grant production for Suzie Goodell and Natalie Cooke.

DELTA Team Presents VR Workshop at SXSW EDU

March 6, 2017

Cathi Dunnagan, Mike Cuales and Bethanne Tobey facilitate a workshop at SXSWedu informing others on virtual reality (VR) applications in education through Design Your Own VR Experience for EDU.

VR Session at 2016 Summer Shorts

August 10, 2016

Dr. Clint Stevenson and Bethanne Tobey present “Digital Storytelling” at NC State DELTA Summer Shorts.

Four DELTA Grants Awarded Allowing DELTA to Use VR

August 8, 2016

DELTA awards four DELTA Grants with specific virtual reality deliverables: Ivonne Chirino-Klevans for the development of virtual reality interactions to teach cultural competencies, Miriam Ferzli, Lisa Paciulli and Betty Black for the creation of virtual field trips that help students engage with ecosystems and biodiversity, Michael Kanters for building virtual reality field trips to sports facilities, Nilda Cosco for the creation of digital tools to understand built environment concepts (LAR 221/582).

Cathi Dunnagan Presents at New Media Consortium Summer Conference

June 15, 2016

Cathi Dunnagan presents “Using 360° Spherical Video as a Teaching Tool” at 2016 New Media Consortium Summer Conference.

NC State Has VR Booth at East Coast Game Conference

April 19, 2016

Collaborative NC State East Coast Game Conference booth demos VR in education applications. Partners include NCSU Libraries, College of Design and Department of Computer Scienc

DELTA Presents at SXSWedu

March 8, 2016

Mike Cuales and Bethanne Tobey present “Using 360º Spherical Video as a Teaching Tool” at SXSWedu 2016.

NC State’s Virtual Reality Interest Group Begins

January 4, 2016

NCSU Libraries and DELTA foster collaboration on campus via Virtual Reality Interest Group (VRIG).

360º Video, Virtual Reality Presentation Highlights Edu Applications

December 1, 2015

The intrigue and popularity of VR continues to gain momentum in mainstream media, but innovative institutions like NC State University are also actively engaged in exploring applications for virtual reality in education, training and experiential learning. Read more about how DELTA is pioneering this technology.

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DELTA Presents about VR at UNC Cause

October 15, 2015

Mike Cuales, Cathi Dunnagan and Bethanne Tobey present “Exploring 360º Spherical Video as a Teaching Tool: Insights and Lessons Learned.”

Mike Cuales Presents at Liberact 3 Workshops

September 17, 2015

Mike Cuales attends and presents at Liberact 3 Workshops at Hunt Library.

Three DELTA Grants Awarded with VR Possibilities

August 17, 2015

DELTA awards three DELTA Grants with virtual reality possibilities: Natalie Cooke and Suzie Goodell for a first-person point-of-view, immersive, scenario-based “Conflict Management” training series, Kofi Boone for displaying landscape architecture designs prior to implementing designs, and Joe Roise for the creation of a Fire Ecology course that could include virtual field trips.

Course Redesign Grant Uses VR for Lab Observation

March 25, 2015

As part of DELTA Course Redesign Grant awarded to Maria Gallardo-Williams, DELTA uses 360° video to capture, observe and evaluate student activity and interactions as part of research effort to understand the impact of pre-lab preparatory materials.

Pilot of eFire Launched

March 15, 2015

Laurie Gharis, Jennifer Evans and DELTA begin pilot of eFIRE,, an interactive microsite teaching visitors about prescribed burns featuring virtual reality field trips to prescribed fire sites.

DELTA Takes 360° Video Footage for Prescribed Burn

March 14, 2014

DELTA team shoots 360° video footage of prescribed burn as part of DELTA Grant production for Laurie Gharis and Jennifer Evans.

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Grand Asia Market Interactive Tour Released

March 13, 2014

Suzie Goodell, Natalie Cooke and DELTA release interactive tour of Grand Asia Market,, featuring 360° video footage as part of student activities.

Littlstar Partnership

November 1, 2013

DELTA works with Littlstar to establish an educational content channel.

2013-2014 DELTA Grants

August 9, 2013

DELTA awards two DELTA Grants for the creation of virtual field trips: Laurie Gharis and Jennifer Evans to create interactive science-based field tours of prescribed burn sites and Suzie Goodell and Natalie Cooke to create an online experience to help students feel connected to community partners and community food security programs.

360° Video and Virtual Reality Exploratory Project Launched

July 13, 2013

College of Design Graduate Student Benjamin Scott to focus on developing the production pipeline for cinematic 360° video.

National Association of Broadcasters Conference

April 10, 2013

Mike Cuales attends the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Conference and gains exposure to 360Heros technology, one of the first commercially available 360° video capture systems. Upon return, DELTA invests in hardware, software and staff to begin exploring process and application of 360° virtual reality video for online education.