PRTM Online Master’s Program

DELTA assisted with the launch and success of the Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sport Management online Masters degree.


Launching a Distance Education program is an intricate task with many challenges. Some of them are:

  • Ensuring that there is a market for the program and finding out more about the potential students for the program.
  • Building a sense of support among the program faculty.
  • Designing and developing courses that meet the needs of the students while also meeting the learning objectives set out by the instructors.
  • Finding ways to differentiate your program so that students enroll.


DELTA provided support during the planning phase of the PRTM Online Master’s degree. Specifically, DELTA assisted with:

  • A marketing study that verified the demand for an online Masters program and provided common characteristics for potential students. The study helped program faculty understand some of the key needs that students would have.
  • Multiple meetings with faculty across the department to help build support for and acceptance of the idea of an online Master’s degree.
  • Design of several courses in the program through the IDEA Grants program.
  • Funding for the initiative of giving an iPod to each incoming student to access program and course information both online and offline.

It is critical to state that this program could not have been successful without the initiative and drive of the program director, program faculty and college administrators. DELTA’s support for the launch of this program is just that, support.


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