PRT 358: The Recreation Program

PRT 358: The Recreation Program is a required capstone course for the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM) degree program. PRTM has a strong service-learning focus. In this course, students learn conceptual knowledge they apply to an authentic service project completed during the semester. Instructor Annette Moore realized written descriptions alone were not appealing to students when asked to select which client they wanted to work with. Moore wanted them to get a real sense of each place.

Instructional Challenges

  • To give a virtual presentation to describe each venue’s personality and goals
  • Appropriately matching students with compatible parks facilities
  • Better disperse students among available local clients
  • Required staff to work outside of their regular office hours to film

Highlights and Solutions

  • Create 12 concise videos to enhance written descriptions of individual client facilities
  • Program lead or center director quickly tells the story of the site
  • Personalities of the sites and staff better reflected through three-minute video presentations
  • Student better informed on goals and missions of available sites for service projects


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