MBA 511: Data Security and Privacy

MBA 511, Data Security and Privacy, is an online section of an existing course involving fundamentals of information security and privacy for today’s business environment. It addresses specific challenges of teaching technical content to non-tech students and finding ways to create a sustainable course despite rapidly changing content. In addition, it provides best practices and troubleshooting for an instructor new to teaching online.

Instructional Challenges

  • Course content changes every semester (no textbook is appropriate)
  • Technical content, but not geared towards technical student audience
  • Huge variation in student backgrounds
  • Some foundational concepts are hard to understand

Highlights and Solutions

  • Moodle Navigation Structure: The faculty wanted an easy-to-navigate and organized Moodle structure. A “Getting Started” module with opportunities for student interaction was added. Banners were used to grab attention and work as a visual distinction between each topic. The structure was clean, simple and easy to navigate.
  • Quizlet: Quizlet, an online flashcard and quiz tool, was used to reinforce the concepts, terms and definitions taught in this course.
  • PlayPosit: PlayPosit was used to increase video engagement. This was helpful to make longer videos engaging and students can pause and reflect while watching the videos.
  • Animation: The foundational concepts were difficult for students to understand, and these concepts are the basis of the topics taught throughout the course. The faculty uses “Bob and Alice” analogies to teach these concepts. The DELTA project team created animations to make these concepts easy and clear to the students.
  • Infographics: Diagrams were developed to clarify different attacks (such as Evil Twin, DDoS, SQL attack) taught in this course using the same ”Bob and Alice” analogy.

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