LAR 457: Immersive Learning Technologies for Teaching Construction Methods in Landscape Architecture

This Exploratory Grant project is a great example of the benefits and success of collaboration: bringing together diverse skill sets to develop an effective learning experience for students.

Instructional Challenges

  • Logistically, it was difficult to have students visit a construction site in person due to timing and safety issues. 
  • Faculty wanted to share the created resources with other departments, faculty and universities. 
  • Students needed to grasp the processes and transformation of construction sites to understand the experience from beginning to end.


  • Create an interactive, simulated environment with VR to imitate a construction experience.
  • Create a website that’s adaptable to grow in the future and add more virtual field trips.
  • Film instructional videos with before-and-after construction views.
  • Offer 2D, 3D and real-life examples of construction drawings and processes.
  • Help students understand various landscape architectural concepts, such as the application and use of sustainable materials, green infrastructure techniques and connections between abstract design and physical realities.

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