FM 480: An Inside Look at Feed Milling with Augmented Reality

This Exploratory grant uses interactive augmented reality (AR) to enhance the way traditional and distance education students learn about feed milling equipment and processes. With a free mobile app and their phone cameras, students can look inside the different machines in real-time or on-demand, eliminating instructional challenges like inaccessibility, noise and physical barriers. This grant creates perspectives that have not previously existed and gives all students the same learning experience, regardless of how they take the course.

Instructional Challenges

  • The face-to-face tour of the feed mill has limited accessibility.
  • Not all processes are going on at the time of a tour, limiting what students can interact with.
  • Students can only see the outside of machines, not the processes that occur inside. 
  • Physical and locational boundaries create inconsistencies in the learning experience between distance education and traditional students. 
  • Time spent in-person at the mill could be used more effectively.


  • Recreate the machinery and processes that take place inside the feed mill in augmented reality with Zappar to give students a new, easily accessible perspective of feed milling. 
  • Include informational buttons attached to the AR experience for students to enhance their understanding of each process as it occurs. 
  • Anchor the AR experience with portable floor mats for students to walk around in real-time and instructors to transport. 
  • Upload digital anchors for students to launch experiences and return to anywhere and at any time. 
  • Level the educational playing field and strengthen the community between students with a comprehensive, standard and accessible learning experience. 

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Zapcode for Feed Mill AR experience. Download the Zappar application ( and scan this Zapcode to view the Feed Mill in AR.
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