Faculty Portraits

The Faculty Portrait video is designed to be multipurpose: The videos are a tool DE (Distance Education) faculty can use to introduce themselves to students, videos can be used in any and all classes, videos can be used as a marketing tool or to introduce faculty at a conference or in an email. The videos are short, have a shelf-life of a minimum of three years and up to seven years, and use limited resources of the video production unit. The concept is to humanize the faculty and to provide a very brief, engaging “portrait” to the student. The concept was created and is produced by DELTA’s Video Communication Services group.

DELTA’s video team began creating multipurpose videos to introduce faculty to students and colleagues. These videos provide insight on the faculty that would not be available in a normal “welcome” to my class. The faculty portraits provide insight into what the faculty members are all about. It helps break the ice for DE classes and gives the students a more personal view of their instructor. The team deployed strict guidelines for these videos, creating a challenge for the faculty and creative team to capture their philosophy and back story in only two minutes with a maximum of two hours of filming.

Instructional Challenges

  • Faculty and colleagues to make a connection
  • Long shelf-life of videos
  • Give creative team projects to try new things
  • Do not talk future or past but philosophy only

Highlights and Solutions

  • Time limit of 2 minutes
  • 2-3 different topics
  • Engage the audience using craft skills as storytellers
  • Minimize impact of resources and production with strict guidelines of two hours of shooting

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