ELP 344: School and Society

This Online and Distance Education Grant took a fully online course dating back to the early days of online instruction at NC State and turned it into a comprehensive, easy-to-use and relevant course that students will learn from. It relied on year-long discussions about basic concepts of the course and online learning, which are fundamental to a major course redesign.  

Instructional Challenges

  • Guest Expert Paul Bitting, who usually visits and lectures each year, is now retired and has limited availability.
  • A 40-minute talk needed be cut down to nine minutes.
  • The course was dated and in need of technical updates.


  • Produce a guest expert video to compensate for Paul Bitting’s decreased availability.
  • Consolidate the longer talk into a thorough yet engaging presentation.
  • Update the course with solid course objectives and new learning technologies, like instructional videos.
  • Give online students the same quality experience as traditional classroom students.
  • Demonstrate quality online teaching practices to education students to create a lasting impact in future classrooms.

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