Changing Sombreros: FLS 102 Needs a Makeover

This Online and Distance Education Grant was designed to help third- and fourth-year students who are struggling to find engagement and motivation to advance from the undergraduate foreign language requirement to the 200 level.

Instructional Challenges

  • The course exhibited high enrollment but low engagement.
  • Many students who begin the course don’t complete it.
  • Grade distribution is low.
  • Students struggle to keep up with the schedule, working close to important due dates.


  • Develop Progress Bars and distribute Learning Passport Stamps/Badges to track and reward accomplishments. 
  • Emulate everyday life in Spanish with a Unity 3D city. Unity reads and reveals models and animations based on a student’s progress. There are potential applications beyond this course.
  • Utilize Moodle gamification by adding preferred and required due dates and applying different rewards for each.

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