CH 224: Increasing Organic Chemistry Representational Competence and Reinforcing NMR Concepts Through Augmented Reality

The general goal of this grant was to produce a mobile AR app that provides streamlined, engaging and effective supplemental instruction, which will give students a much deeper understanding of  NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). Furthermore, the app will aid students during labs, and prepare them for industry or academia. Although NMR is an essential component of teaching laboratories and research on the graduate and undergraduate level, many students lack this knowledge and TAs are tasked with teaching or reinforcing this content during labs. However, it is likely that the TAs themselves have knowledge gaps regarding NMR as well. Currently, students rely on assistance from TAs and reference tables to aid them in their completion of labs/assignments.

Instructional Challenges

  • Many students lack NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) knowledge.
  • TAs are likely to have NMR-related knowledge gaps as well.
  • Students have to rely on clunky reference tables during labs to complete assignments.


  • Improve existing mobile AR app to ensure it provides engaging and effective supplemental instruction, equipping students with a much deeper understanding of NMR.
    • Use AR to aid students’ visualization of molecular structure and related chemical properties.
    • Identify ways to refine the AR app (Instructional Content, Design, Functionality) and implement those changes.
    • Publish the AR app for Apple & Android devices (Summer 2020).
  • Revamp existing NMR Worksheet to improve instructional content/delivery and to ensure it coalesces with AR app.
    • Address protein NMR from a conceptual standpoint.
    • Help students understand the “why” and not just the “what”.
  • (DELTA and PI Goal) Evaluate final App & Worksheet to measure its effectiveness in supporting student success.
  • (DELTA Goal) Document development and collaboration process to share with DELTA to help with future grants/projects.

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