ANS 231: Animal Nutrition Labs

ANS 231: Animal Nutrition Lab is the companion course to ANS 230: Animal Nutrition lecture course (Gertrude Cox Award Winner 2012). ANS 231 is a laboratory course that introduces students to the application of principles of nutrition and applied feeding of domestic mammals. This course is a montage of instructional tools — creating engaging interactive online activities that are as robust as face-to-face labs.

Instructional Challenges

In developing the DE version of the course, the team faced two distinct challenges in developing a tool to effectively meet course learning objectives:

  • Online labs
  • Focus on content and activities in addition to media development

Highlights and Solutions

To meet these instructional challenges, the DELTA team developed a variety of learning objectives:

  • Creative briefs with options from high to low
  • Applied small groups of targeted teams to complete individual labs
  • Overall low impact on resource personnel

View links to class content below:

NC State Feed Stuffs Explorer, NC State Feed Mill Tour, NC State Dairy Cattle Infographic, Feeding Companion Animals (photo gallery)

Feeding Horse:

Gastrointestinal Tract (video series):

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