Video Production

Do you require assistance with video production?

DELTA’s video production team is available to help in all aspects of video production including but not limited to consultation and training, frequently produced videos, editing and video production technologies.

Consultation and Training

We have extensive media production experience in complex live productions and in directing talent in scripted productions. We can assist in script writing, instructional design, graphic design and all other elements of media production. DELTA Grants may be available to help facilitate your next project.

If you are ready to start your video project, fill out a video production request form and we will contact you to schedule a needs assessment meeting.

If you would like to learn how to shoot your own video, attend one of our workshops. Or, you may request a custom workshop.

If you need additional assistance defining your project or would like to further discuss ideas for your course, please visit the Get Help section to schedule a consultation with the appropriate DELTA staff member.

Video Types

While we help the NC State community produce many types of videos, the following are the most commonly requested:

Lecture Video

Capture your lectures and deliver them online for your students. Access resources to record your classroom lectures and to produce specialized instructional videos. Lectures can be recorded or broadcast live over the internet. Our classroom facilities allow for presenting media including visuals, overheads, computer graphics and media files. Two-way interaction with other sites provides live (synchronous) participation with other university or research sites anywhere. Experienced support technicians monitor all captures to assure the best quality.

See rate card for fees and priorities.

Faculty Portrait Video

Record a introducing yourself to your students. If you would like to have a video produced, please contact Video Communications Services by completing a video production request form.

For more information about this service, contact us at or call (919) 515-3246.

Location Shooting

Shoot on-location video, on campus and off, to provide quality learning materials for your students. Using digital recording formats and the Mediasite encoding platform, we can shoot video via webcast in various remote locations or stream video live and then edit it together into a finished program. We provide the necessary lighting and audio equipment to shoot high-quality productions.

For other professional fee-based services, consult our rate card.

Alternate Video Production Methods

Studio Production

Some television and media productions require studio facilities with multiple cameras. Video Communications Services operates a fully functional high-definition digital media studio in our Park Shops facility, which includes the following:

  • Full featured HD studio with professional lighting
  • Professional audio
  • Teleprompter to guide presenter
  • Portable equipment that can record video in almost any location
  • Editing equipment and software
  • Video capture of computer screens for web and software instruction
  • Professional customized graphics

See rate card for fees and priorities.


Full-Service Video Editing

Editing facilities provide a way to connect various video elements into a finished program or program segment. Source materials such as graphics, audio, video and animation can be digitized, edited and authored to various media formats.

For more information about this service contact us at, or call (919) 515-1868 or (919) 513-5020.

Related Media

Motion Graphics

Add motion graphics to a video production with assistance from DELTA’s New Media Development group. DELTA is familiar with all of the crucial elements of motion graphic production, including but not limited to layer management, text animation, effects, color, puppetry, audio, expression and rendering and more. Visit Get Help and schedule an instructional consultation to begin the process.