First DELTA Grants Showcase Held at Hunt Library

DELTA hosted its first DELTA Grants Showcase on March 25, 2019, from 2-4 p.m. in the Teaching and Visualization Lab in Hunt Library.

The event highlighted a variety of completed DELTA Grants projects through an interactive digital poster session. People across campus had the opportunity to learn about the collaborative nature of the partnership between DELTA and faculty. The interactive digital poster session shared visuals from project as well as highlighting the challenges, solutions and outcomes.

Read the press release.

Check out photos from the event captured by Katie Harris.

person using VR headset to view Virtual Organic Chemistry Labs
Guest experiencing Virtual Organic Chemistry Labs.
people chatting about DELTA Grants project
Traci Temple, Cathi Dunnagan and Beth Monroe discuss a project.
Stacy Gant talking about Faculty Fellows with Allie Giro and Fellow Amanda Edwards.
DELTA staff member assists guest with VR headset
Samantha McCuen assisting guest with VR experience for Virtual Organic Chemistry Labs
DELTA staff assists guest with VR station
Rich Gurnsey assists guest with VR experience of Virtual Organic Chemistry Labs.
faculty member discusses his DELTA Grants project
Faculty member Peter Hessling sharing his DELTA Grants collaboration with a guest.
two faculty viewing VR experience
Megan Lupek and Steph Jeffries (l to r) participating in virtual reality experiences at DELTA Grants Showcase
conversation about sport facility VR
Faculty member Michael Kanters talks with Donna Petherbridge his Sport Facility Virtual Reality
DELTA Staff member assists faculty member attend
Faculty member Karen Tharrington, who was in Prague, attended the showcase virtually with the assistance of Yan Shen.
men discussion project in front of screen
Faculty member Jason King (right) discusses his DELTA Grant project with a guest.
people talking about DELTA Grants
Donna Petherbridge and Cathi Dunnagan speaks with faculty member
Donna Petherbridge speaks to attendees
AVP for Academic Technology and Innovation Donna Petherbridge addresses audience at the showcase.
DELTA staff member discusses DELTA Grants
David Tredwell disccuses DELTA Grants with Mara Matthews
Cathi Dunnagan addresses crowd
Cathi Dunnagan, chair of DELTA Grants Showcase, addresses participants and guests
person using VR headset while DELTA staff member discusses
Faculty member Carla Delcambre checks out the VR experience with Arthur Earnest
people discussing feed mill project
Caitlin McKeown (l) and Faculty member Marissa Herchler (r) explaining the Decision Tree for Model Feed Mill to guest
people discussing forest ecology project in front of screen
Bethanne Tobey describes Forest Ecology DELTA Grant to a guest
DELTA staff members demos Spanish language course grant to guests
Ben Huckaby demonstrates gamification of Spanish language course grant to guests
DELTA staff member talks about VR project with guest
Arthur Earnest discusses Virtual Organic Chemistry Labs with a guest.
faculty member discusses DELTA Grant with DELTA staff
Faculty member Annette Moore shares her DELTA Grants experience with John Gordon, Donnie Wrights and Yan Shen (l-r)
faculty fellow describes her project
Amanda Edwards (l) and Allie Giro (r) listen to Melissa Ramirez describe her project.
two faculty discussing DELTA grants
Faculty member Amanda Edwards talks with Donna Petherbridge
faculty member and DELTA staff discuss projects
Allie Giro listens to Faculty Fellow Angela Smith