Cultural Competency Module Receives Campus Technology Impact Award

Developed in partnership with the Global Training Initiative (GTI) through a DELTA Exploratory Grant, the original goal of the project was to explore the design and development process for creating immersive virtual reality scenarios that teach key cultural competency concepts, skills and abilities as well as design a framework and process model to be used for future creation of similar learning experiences.

The First Impressions VR-mediated lesson includes two scenes and is used as part of a course aimed at developing global management and leadership skills. The exercise is aimed at developing awareness of key components of cultural competence including difference and empathy. It provides students with an opportunity to better understand other cultures in a low-stakes, highly immersive environment.

The First Impressions module will continue to be offered to campus departments and units interested in valuable global skills training. The module is part of a larger initiative to research and implement immersive technologies in online and face-to-face courses to further student success.

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