Staff Accolades

Vice Provost Tom Miller is fond of noting that “DELTA means change.” The Staff Accolades section of our annual report captures some of the movement, growth and highlights from DELTA staff during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

Whether undertaking additional training, receiving an award, teaching a class or leading a group, staff inclusion in these endeavors leverages our professional‬ expertise on campus and beyond.


Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning Conference

October 20-22, 2015
University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

  • Melissa Williford, “Distance Education Virtual Orientation: Preparing Students for Success.” (Attendees: 17).

Delegation of the International Visitor Leadership Program

October 2015
Raleigh NC

  • Rebecca Swanson, Melissa Williford, Leisa Bolles and Cathi Dunnagan, “Education for the Future.” Presentation to the delegation of the International Visitor Leadership Program, 100,000 Strong in the Americas. (Attendees: 11).

Distance Learning Administration Conference

June 19-22, 2016
Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Jekyll Island, GA

  • Kay Zimmerman, “Winning One Program at a Time: A Systematic Approach. Conference Best Paper.” (Attendees: 45).

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

October 27-30, 2015
Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN

  • Stephen Bader, “Gamify! Play! Learn!: Turn Campus Resources into Exciting Learning Experiences.” (Attendees: 80).
  • Donna Petherbridge and Lou Harrison, “Predictive Learning Analytics: Fueling Actionable Intelligence.” (Attendees: 100).

Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference

April 25-29, 2016
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Lou Harrison, “Getting Started with Learning Analytics: Implementing a Predictive Model Validation Project at North Carolina State University.” (Attendees: 60).

Liberact III

September 17-18, 2015
NC State Campus, Hunt Library, Raleigh, NC

  • Mike Cuales, “360 Spherical Video & VR as a Teaching Tool.” (Attendees: 40).

Lilly Conference

January 7-9, 2016
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Austin, Austin, TX

  • Yiling Chappelow, “Streamlining Learning: Best Practices for Structuring Your Online Course.” (Attendees: 15).

MoodleMoot US 2015

August 4-6, 2015
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, Minneapolis, MN

  • Stephen Bader, “Developing Gamification (Function & Instruction) within Moodle. (Attendees: 110).
  • Martin Dulberg, “Governance At NC State: Maintaining Institutional Transparency, Buy-In And Support.” (Attendees: 50).
  • Martin Dulberg and Scott Watkins, “Listening to Our Users: Gathering Feedback, Feature Requests and Help Calls to Improve Moodle” (Attendees: 15).
  • Martin Dulberg and Scott Watkins, “Focusing on Best Practices and Support to Guide Our Development.” (Attendees: 15).
  • Scott Watkins, “Moodle Customizations at NC State.” (Attendees: 100).

MoodleMoot US 2016

June 21-23, 2016
Hilton Universal City, Los Angeles, CA

  • Stephen Bader, Martin Dulberg, Lou Harrison, Marc Gracieux, Charlene Pettiway, Scott Watkins, Jeff Webster, “The Faces Behind Moodle at NC State: A Look at the Personnel Supporting Self Hosted Moodle.” (Attendees: 25).
  • Stephen Bader and Jeff Webster, “WolfWare – Helping Manage/Access Courses with Multiple Moodle Instances.” Poster Presentation. (Attendees: 20).
  • Stephen Bader, “Behat for Beginners from a Beginner.” (Attendees: 40).
  • Martin Dulberg, “Learning Technology Governance at NC State, How Decisions are Made with Stakeholder Involvement.: (Attendees: 30).
  • Lou Harrison and Jeff Webster, “Making the Learning Analytics Processor (LAP) better, stronger, faster, and more Moodle friendly.” (Attendees: 25).
  • Jeff Webster, “Managing the Moodle Configuration on Multiple Instances.” (Attendees: 40).

NC State Instructional Design Interest Group

May 24, 2016
Raleigh NC

  • David Tredwell and Yan Shen, “MyTech App.” (Attendees: 20).

NC State Office of Faculty Development Teaching and Learning Symposium

April 11, 2016
McKimmon Center, Raleigh NC

  • Jakia Salam and Donnie Wrights, “Group Counseling: Bringing Experiential Learning Online.” Poster Presentation. (Attendees: 20).

New Media Consortium Summer Conference

June 14-16, 2016
Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Convention Center, Rochester, NY

  • Cathi Dunnagan, “Using 360° Spherical Video as a Teaching Tool.” (Attendees: 25).

Online Learning Consortium International Conference

October 14-16, 2015
Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, Orlando, FL

  • Donna Petherbridge, “I Am a Real Person in This Time and Space with You: Building Community in an Online Course.” (Attendees: 50).


March 7-10, 2016
Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

  • Mike Cuales and Bethanne Tobey, “Using 360º Spherical Video as a Teaching Tool.” (Attendees: 60).

UNC Cause

October 14-16, 2015
Benton Convention Center, Winston-Salem, NC

  • Yiling Chappelow, Ashley Grantham and Serena Reavis, “Engage your audience: Incorporating Interaction in Technology Training Sessions.” (Attendees: 20).
  • Mike Cuales, Cathi Dunnagan and Bethanne Tobey, “Exploring 360° Spherical Video as A Teaching Tool: Insights and Lessons Learned.” (Attendees: 25).
  • Stacy Gant and Drew Davidson, “A Showcase of the Collaborate Administration Tool at NC State.” (Attendees: 20).
  • Allie Giro and Suzanne Edmonds, “Let’s go for a (Google) drive!.” (Attendees: 65).
  • John Gordon, “These aren’t your Grandfather’s Instructional Videos.” (Attendees: 30).
  • Yan Shen and David Tredwell, “MyTech App: BYOD to Physics Labs.” (Attendees: 30).
  • Scott Watkins and Marc Gracieux, “What is “Social IT” and How Can It Improve Faculty Support?.” (Attendees: 20).


Sherry O’Neal

  • Adjunct Instructor, Wake Tech Community College. Interpersonal Communication, Spring 2016 (two sections).

Donna Petherbridge

  • Teaching Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development in the College of Education. EAC 580-601 Fall 2015 and Spring 2016.

Traci Temple

  • Adjunct Teaching Assistant Professor, Art+Design, College of Design. ADN503 Fall 2015, ADN581 Fall 2015 and Spring 2016.
  • Adjunct Teaching Assistant Professor, Art+Design, College of Design. Master’s committee member for Natalia Lopes.

Awards and Recognition

DELTA Pride of the Wolfpack Award Winners

  • Stephen Bader
  • Julie Bunting
  • Brad Collins
  • Nicole Hazelett
  • Bethanne Tobey
  • David Tredwell
  • Merranie Zellweger

National Distance Learning Administration Conference

  • Kay Zimmerman, Conference Best Paper Award
  • Kay Zimmerman, Leadership Award

Pathways Path 2 – Special Recognition

  • Emanuel Brunson, Model the Way

Provost Unit Awards for Excellence

  • Katie Bean, Recipient – Customer Service


Green Zone Certification

  • Breanna Andrews
  • Sharon Broere
  • Lynda Hambourger
  • Whitney Hicks
  • Vince Lastreto
  • Kara Marschalk
  • Tamara Watts
  • Melissa Williford

Moodle Course Creator Certification (MCCC)

  • Marc Gracieux (June 19, 2016)
  • Charlene Pettiway (June 7, 2016)

National College Testing Association

  • Test Center Certification (March 2016)

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

  • Jonathan Champ (July 6, 2015)
  • Dan Deter (August 21, 2015)
  • Scott Watkins (July 10, 2015)


Leadership Roles (off-campus)

  • Donna Petherbridge, 2015-2016 Program Committee — Educause
  • Jeff Webster, Committee of Management, general member — Moodle Users Association. (appointed December 2015)

Campus Leadership Roles

  • Dan Deter, Chair-Elect for the ITSAC-I (Information Technology Strategic Advisory Committee–Infrastructure) 2016-2017 (and chair for 2017-2018). Became Chair February 2016 (early resignation of previous chair) (October 2015)
  • Cathi Dunnagan, Chair-Elect for the Staff Senate, 2016-2017 (and chair for 2017-2018) (May 2016)
  • Donna Petherbridge, Chair-Elect for the Campus IT Directors Group, 2016-2017 (and chair for 2017-2018) (June 2016)
  • Rebecca Swanson, Interim Chair of the accreditation standards Substantive Change Review Team (March 2016)

Leadership Training

Center for Creative Leadership: Driving Results Through Innovation Leadership

  • Kay Zimmerman (May 2016)

DELTA Pathways Program Graduates

  • Emanuel Brunson
  • Jonathan Champ
  • Shawn Colvin
  • Arthur Earnest

Emerging Leaders Certificate

  • Kara Marschalk

Training & Organizational Development (T&OD), Compass Power Learners

  • Shawn Colvin
  • Vincent Lastreto
  • Kara Marschalk

Workplace Professional Certificate

  • Vince Lastreto (January 2016)

New Employees

  • Lakendrell Albritton
    Classroom Support Technician
  • Christopher Beeson
    Instructional Technologist
  • Taylor Dawson
    Instructional Designer
  • Marc Gracieux
    Lead LearnTech Support Technician
  • Angela Hallman
    Business Operations Specialist
  • Brandon Joyner
    Classroom Support Technician
  • David Lanier
    PHP Web Developer
  • Vincent Lastreto
    DELTA Testing Associate
  • Kristen Purvis
    Classroom Support Technician
  • Katie Richardson
    PHP Web Developer
  • Tammy Rodda
    Business Office Program Assistant
  • Jakia Salam
    Instructional Designer
  • Kristin Stepneski
    DE Social Media Specialist
  • Shamsa Visone
    DELTA Testing Associate
  • Tamara Watts
    Distance Education Administrative Services
  • Chris Willis
    Coordinator, Learning Analytics & Assessment
  • Donnie Wrights
    Educational Media Designer