DELTA Annual Report

Front Page

The feed manufacturing technology grant team created a realistic, immersive virtual reality 3D feed mill tour using a Matterport 3D camera. Pictured left to right, DELTA team members Donnie Wrights, Caitlin McKeown and Arthur Earnest with Principal Investigators Marissa Herchler and Adam Fahrenholz in Hunt Library.

Reflections from 2017-2018

In a year of discovery, DELTA has leveraged its unique strengths to elevate and reimagine education at NC State. Through innovative course design, teaching with technology workshops and the support of enterprise-level technologies at NC State, our goal is to improve the user experience for both students and faculty. Our unique approach to harnessing technology results in empowered faculty and successful students.



Explore specific stories that illustrate our progress in reaching our strategic goals. Each DELTA goal is based on NC State’s strategic plan.


Staff Accolades

DELTA staff members continue to make a difference on campus and across the country through presentations, leadership positions and award recognitions.


By The Numbers

Our interactive By The Numbers section shows how DELTA uses its budget to support technology-enhanced learning and Online and Distance Education programs.