DELTA Annual Report

Front Page

Through a DELTA Grant, the colorful Textile Archive Design Application (TADA) was created for students to explore textile patterns and travel through the history and future of textile design. The DELTA Grant team pictured left to right: Dan Spencer, Jessica White, Professor Traci Lamar, David Tredwell and Chris Willis in the Hunt Library Teaching and Visualization Lab. Not pictured: Merranie Zellweger.

Exploration in Excellence

As we continue elevating and perfecting DELTA’s services, we make a difference at NC State and beyond. We are delivering on our promise to provide high-quality education to all learners — both on campus and at a distance. We are driving innovation in course design, online and distance education programs, media and emerging technology production, faculty training, learning technologies and more. We are committed to supporting faculty as they guide students to a successful future.



Dive into an overview of the progress we’re making toward our strategic goals with specific articles that tell the story of DELTA’s year in review.


Staff Accolades

The strength of DELTA is its staff members. Check out what we’ve been up to this year from presenting at conferences to earning certifications and receiving awards.


By The Numbers

Explore our interactive Belltower to see how DELTA uses its budget to support technology-enhanced learning and online and distance education programs.