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NC State Online and Distance Education supports the creation and delivery of programs and courses that meet strategic workforce needs for North Carolina and around the world. In the last year NC State’s world-leading faculty delivered more than 1900 Online and Distance Education course sections to almost 20,000 students.

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Unique Online and Distance
Education Students
Enrollments in Online and Distance
Education Courses
Average Yearly
Credit Hour Growth

Proctored Exams

DELTA Testing Services assists NC State faculty by ensuring secure and monitored environments for students to take exams and quizzes for Online and Distance Education courses. Use of the service continues to grow with more than 50,000 exams proctored in the past year, mostly in the new DELTA Testing Center on Centennial Campus.

Testing Refresh

51,367 Exams Proctored for 13,585 students

      Courses proctored


      Local Exams


      Remote Exams


      Local Students


      Remote Students


      Instructional Support

      NC State faculty use both proven and innovative technologies to deliver learning opportunities to students. DELTA supports faculty with workshops, individual consultations and helpdesk services. At the Summer Shorts, almost 70 faculty took an average of three workshops each during an intense week of learning about effective uses of technology for teaching and learning.

      Faculty Fellows

      Help Desk Calls
      348 faculty and staff benefited from 95 workshops in 2015-16

      Instructional Production

      DELTA and NC State faculty collaboratively apply expertise in innovative technologies and pedagogies to solve instructional challenges. Exploration of innovative solutions led to recognition in the 2015 NMC Horizon Report. More than 10,000 students were impacted by established instructional design and production techniques.

      Transforming Education

      Large Courses Redesigned
      Students Impacted
      DELTA supported more than
      75 courses with 13,705 hours
      of instructional production.

      Video Services

      DELTA offers video design and production services to NC State faculty. Services include real-time classroom lecture capture and highly designed, highly customized instructional videos that can illustrate, instruct, engage and motivate today’s students.

      Instructional Enrichment

      Hours of Classroom Recordings
      Instructional Videos Produced

      WolfWare Outreach

      The WolfWare Outreach service allows DELTA to leverage learning technologies to support outreach extension and engagement activities. These activities are increasingly important for NC State. The number of courses and enrollments more than doubled in the last year as nineteen programs now use the WolfWare Outreach service.

      WolfWare Outreach Grows

      Usage of WolfWare Outreach

        Learning Management Systems

        With WolfWare, Moodle, Mediasite and Collaborate, DELTA provides a set of enterprise learning systems that can benefit any course and are used by more than 92% of NC State students.

        Number of Enrollments in any LMS


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