Jun 2, 2017

A Work in Progress: Pioneering Distributive Training in VMC 949

Explore the DELTA Blended Learning Course Grant for VMC 949 in this Work in Progress feature. A team of DELTA staff members are working to innovatively use the Moodle mobile app for competency tracking and create an onboarding training module to connect students, faculty and community-based learning sites.

May 1, 2017

What’s New in Moodle 3.2?

Recently, DELTA performed the annual upgrade of Moodle, to Moodle 3.2, for courses starting Summer of 2017 and beyond. While most of the functionality is the same, there have been a number of changes to the interface that were designed to reduce clutter and improve the user experience.

Mar 23, 2017

LearnTech Staff Gains Valuable Feedback from Help Ticket Surveys

DELTA’s LearnTech Help Desk staff members are enjoying having a channel of feedback from help ticket surveys again. As more help ticket users respond to the surveys, LearnTech can further refine and enhance its help desk services.

Aug 15, 2016

WolfWare News, 8/15/2016

Learn about the latest WolfWare News for faculty and staff to make the most of the upcoming semester.

Aug 4, 2016

Moodle Moot 2016 Recap

Seven DELTA staff had the opportunity to go to the Moodle Moot (a Moodle Users conference) in Los Angeles, California, June 21-23, 2016. DELTA staff led five presentations and held a poster session that were well received.

Jul 21, 2016

Moodle Makeover

Students and NC State faculty have seen a facelift in Moodle this summer 2016 courses. The revisions came after recognizing the need for consistency, accessibility and user-friendliness within the site.

Apr 13, 2016

Learning with Moodle: A student’s guide to using Moodle

We are excited to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Learning with Moodle site! Key features of the site include a cleaner and more attractive design, updated content and a more engaging learning experience for students. Learning with Moodle […]

Mar 30, 2016

Creative Course Redesigns Benefit Students

Faculty members continually seek ways to solve instructional challenges and increase the effectiveness of course activities. But it’s difficult to find creative solutions without adequate time and resources. Faculty also face the urgent need to improve passing rates for classes […]

Dec 15, 2015

Developing Gamification within Moodle

Photo caption: (l-r) Dr. Ed Lindsay, Martin Dougiamas from Moodle, Amanda Roberston and Steve Bader are pictured. In 2012-2013 Michelle Harrolle was awarded a DELTA Exploratory Grant. During the span of the past three years, the grant for gamification was […]

Nov 3, 2015

Summer Shorts Connects Faculty with Technology

Have you ever felt like you knew what you wanted to do, but you just didn’t know where to start? Instructors face this dilemma semester after semester as they question whether or not online resources are appropriate for their courses. […]