August 2019 Mediasite Administrator Update

Lecture Capture Opt-in Portal Open for Fall 2019

The lecture capture opt-in portal is open for Fall 2019. Instructors teaching in Mediasite equipped rooms can request recording by going to this URL:

Only the Primary Instructor of record in SIS for the course can request recording.

First Day of Classes…

Is August 21, 2019. Please check your recorders and peripheral equipment to ensure a smooth start to fall semester recording. 

All Recorders Publish to mediasite.wolfware

All Mediasite recorders should now point to

Please refer to the Mediasite Wolfware Single Instance Transition document for more information.

NC State Endpoint Security Standards

Just a reminder again regarding NC State Endpoint Security. Rather than go through all of it again, please see the July 2019 Mediasite Admin update for details.

My Mediasite Notes

Please note that the My Mediasite URL is: 

If a faculty or staff member tries to use the URL starting with…etc., they will get a 404 or “no access” message, because that URL was retired last year. 

Note this change! Student Access now mediasite.wolfware

The student My Mediasite instance is being retired and ALL My Mediasite accounts will now use the same URL: 

This will eliminate problems teaching grad students have had and consolidates everything on mediasite.wolfware.

MSX 2019

The annual Mediasite conference (formerly known as “Unleash”) has always been held in Madison, Wisconsin, Sonic Foundry’s (SOFO) home. This year the conference heads to sunnier climes and the unique city of Austin, Texas. MSX 2019 takes place Monday October 28 – Wednesday October 30, 2019, at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in downtown Austin. 

For a while the MSX website had incomplete information, but that’s been corrected. The agenda now correctly shows the conference concluding at 4:00 pm Wednesday October 30, and discounted hotel room rates start Sunday October 27.

Discount: Very important! If you haven’t registered, make sure to enter the discount coupon code TM200 during the registration process for a $200 discount on the conference fee. 

Training: Boot Camps are offered (for an extra $399) on Monday afternoon October 28, from 12:30 – 4:30. Sonic Foundry is offering Beginner and Intermediate Mediasite Admin “Boot Camps” for those who want a 5 hour immersive training experience. The Boot Camps run concurrently.

Beginner Boot Camp will focus on creating content with My Mediasite; Intermediate Boot Camp is for Mediasite Administrators. SOFO offers virtual boot camps throughout the year. The MSX Boot Camps are in person. Go here for Boot Camp descriptions, but note that registering for MSX Bootcamps is done via your MSX registration.  

The MSX 2019 Agenda is available. Free Monday activities are also in the afternoon. There are tours of a Dell data center and the UT McCombs School of Business

Hotel rooms at the conference hotel, the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center are separate from Registration, but use the Travel  link through the MSX 2019 website to get the SOFO discounted rate of $199.00 per night. The conference website states: As a MSX attendee, you are responsible for your own lodging. A room block with a discounted rate of $199/night is available until September 27, 2019.

More information from SOFO is below:

Our flagship community conference, Mediasite Experience 2019, is moving to Austin, Texas! This social event of the year in our close-knit Mediasite community is a revamped, ultra-exclusive summit-style two-day event, replacing our Unleash user conference that was held in Madison, Wis. for the past 12 years. Hundreds of customers in healthcare, higher education and the enterprise from all around the world will collaborate in Austin and online to learn how to increase the impact and adoption of video in their organizations. We made a strategic decision to choose Austin as the first new location of MSX, because we wanted a city that shared many of the same attributes as Madison. We’re excited to head south, deep in the heart of Texas, next October and start new traditions. 

Registration for Mediasite Experience 2019, which takes place Oct. 28 to 30, is open now.

Upgrading Recorders

Please note the updated Recorder Upgrade document. There is a new path to the ISO file.

Re-naming Recorders

All recorders on the mediasite.wolfware instance must be named with the new naming convention this summer, which is below. Please reference the updated 

Naming Conflict: In some colleges/departments the naming convention below is already being used by the classroom PC. If that is the case, please name the Mediasite recorder with the suffix -01 (even though there’s only one recorder in the room) to distinguish it from the classroom PC.

New Recorder Naming Convention:

Recorder Owner-BldgRoom 

For example: OIT manages the one recorder in Schaub Hall 106 

Recorder Name: OIT-SFS106 

For multiple recorders in a single room: 

Recorder Owner-BuildingRoom-Recorder Number 

For example: DELTA manages two recorders in Park Shops 130 

1st Recorder Name: DELTA-PS130-01 

2nd Recorder Name: DELTA-PS130-02 

Current campus building abbreviations can be found here:

Mediasite University Training Materials

  • Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite U has a new look, new materials and a new URL.
  • The URL is and SOFO log-in is not required to view the material
  • Courses are divided into 4 categories, for these roles: Learner, Instructor, Application Administrator and Server Administrator.
  • Each module has multiple videos. For example “Up and Running with Your Recorder” has 21 separate video “lessons” covering how to set up and connect recorders, with a separate lesson for each recorder hardware version. 

There are new training videos for content creators to which you can direct your faculty:

Uploading Your First Video Presentation  

Sharing Your Mediasite Presentations 

Editing Your Video Presentation 

Recording Your Screen With Mediasite Desktop Recorder  

Enhancing Your Presentations With Engagement  

Note from Sonic Foundry

Recorder software images and versions are dot odd numbers, and 

Server versions are dot even numbers.

  • After the 7.1 recorder version series, the next recorder iteration will be 7.3.xx, 
  • The next server version after the 7.2 series will be 7.4.xx.

Links to Resources

Sonic Foundry


NC State

Current NC State Mediasite Server, Recorder Disc Image and Software Versions

Production – Single Instance

  • Mediasite.wolfware server version: 7.2.2 Build 3196
  • Recorder disc image 7.3.2
  • Recorder version 7.3.2 Build 1915
  • Mediasite Desktop Recorder 2.5 Build 1081

Production – College/Department Instances

  • Server version: 7.0.30, Build 3808
  • No recording or publishing to this server. 

Testing (7.2)

  • Test server: 7.2.2, Build 3196
  • Recorder disc image 7.3.2
  • Recorder version 7.3.2 Build 1923
  • Mediasite Desktop Recorder 2.5 Build 1193

SOFO most recent release

  • Server version: 7.2.2, Build 3196
  • Recorder disc image 7.3.2
  • Recorder version 7.3.2 Build 1923
  • Mediasite Desktop Recorder 2.5 Build 1193

Testing Your Production Workflow

The Mediasite testing environment is available 24/7.

  • Test server: 7.2.2, Build 3196
  • Recorder disc image 7.3.2
  • Recorder version: 7.1.14 Build 5028 (works, but unable to push from Portal)
  • Recorder version 7.3.2 Build 1923

All Sonic Foundry Release Notes, bug fixes and known issues are available on the Sonic Foundry Support website

Closed Captioning

When working with a captioning provider, always reference the NC State Convenience Contract 298479 to ensure you receive the discounted rate. Information about NC State closed captioning is on the OIT Accessibility website:

More Information

For any Mediasite information or to send Mediasite help requests, email

Mediasite maintenance windows and any enterprise-wide issues are posted on Sysnews: 

DELTA Updates and Maintenance Schedule:

Sonic Foundry Contact Information

General information

Customer Support website: Mediasite Customer Assurance Portal 

Customer Support phone: 877.783.7987