Mediasite Administrator Update, March 2015

As part of an ongoing effort to keep Mediasite administrators on campus informed, we created this DELTAwire article specifically for you! For help with any Mediasite questions, please contact us at

This article includes information on the following topics:

NC State Mediasite User Group Meeting

If you were unable to attend our NC State’s Mediasite User Group meeting on February 6, you may view the on-demand recording.

Mediasite Monthly Server Maintenance

Monday, March 9, between 10-11 a.m., there will be some brief outages due to work on the networking infrastructure. There will be a 5-10 minute complete outage between 10 and 10:15 a.m., and sporadic sluggishness, etc., for the rest of the hour while hosts are being rebooted to apply kernel patches.

Wednesday, March 11, 9 a.m.- 12 p.m., the Mediasite servers will be upgraded to 7.0.22. During this time there will be a brief outage while the database is upgraded, plus some sluggishness due to various servers restarting. For further information, please see

Thursday, March 12,  5-6 a.m., the monthly Windows Updates for the Mediasite servers will be installed. There will be a brief outage when the database and file servers are rebooted, but no other interruptions are expected. For further information, please see

If you have any Mediasite issues, please contact

For all regular scheduled server maintenance windows, please see the Updates & Maintenance schedule.

Deleting Recycle Bins

Files in the recycle bin will, over time, consume large amounts of space on the Mediasite Servers. In order to reduce the number of unnecessary files in the management portal, free up disk space, and help the management portal run faster, DELTA will be emptying recycle bins as often as every two weeks beginning March 28.

Create Recurring Reports for Instructors

Instructors can view statistics for live and on-demand views, average viewings per presentation, most watched presentations and most active users. A better understanding of these data can help answer questions such as:

  • Are students actually watching the lectures, and are they viewing assigned lectures on the appropriate dates?
  • How thoroughly are students watching the videos?
  • At what point in a video, if any, do viewers tend to stop watching?
  • Are students re-watching certain portions of the videos?
  • Are some students not following the course material (allowing instructors to identify students potentially at risk)?
  • At what points are students particularly interested or not interested?

Because this data reveals who watches the recordings and where the frequently re-watched video “hotspots” occur, instructors can better anticipate concepts that need additional review and see areas for improvement in future recordings.

This data can also helps instructors and instructional designers make lectures and content more effective in the next course redesign cycle.

How do instructors receive these reports?

  • If they use the desktop recorder and manage their content through the My Mediasite portal, they can access analytics by clicking on the presentation and then choosing analytics within in the presentation management window.
  • If they record content in a classroom on campus, or if they wish to receive a summarized report of all content in their My Mediasite folder, they can opt to receive recurring reports via email that the Mediasite Server runs at specified intervals. To receive these automated reports, please email
  • Or, as an administrator, you can also create the recurring report by clicking Add Recurrence to set up the report to repeat at a specified interval. After adding a recurrence, specify if results should be saved or allowed to expire. If choosing to let results expire, specify when they should expire. The default is 30 days. Select the Notify on Result Completion check box to send a link to the report results to the desired recipient(s).

How to Initiate Your Auto Refresh Recorder

DELTA is in the process of verifying recorder inventory in order to renew the NC State service contract with Sonic Foundry. Your department/college should have received their recent inventory to verify and report any discrepancies.

Recorders have a four-year life cycle for warranty purposes. Once a recorder has reached end of life, it is no longer eligible for renewal of MCA coverage. If you have standard MCA coverage, you will need to purchase a refresh recorder. If you elect to not purchase a new refresh unit, your end of life recorder will not be able to install new versions of the software and will be at risk of no longer being able to connect to the enterprise system. If you have PMCA coverage, the cost of a refresh recorder is included in your support contract. When recorders reach end of life, Sonic Foundry should contact you regarding instructions on receiving your replacement recorder and returning your end of life recorder. However, please be mindful of the end of life date on your recorder(s) and if you are not contacted by Sonic Foundry, we suggest contacting Paul Guse at

UNLEASH 2015, Mediasite User Conference

The global Mediasite User Conference is the best networking venue for Mediasite enthusiasts. Whether you attend in Madison or choose to participate online, this can’t-miss event is packed with knowledge sharing, best practices and Mediasite Community networking. It’s that time of year to start thinking about Unleash 2015Registration is open, so save the date for your global Mediasite User Conference, April 27-29 in Madison, Wisconsin.

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