DELTA Online Course Review and Consultation Services

Would you like to have your course reviewed based on the criteria identified in the Quality Matters Rubric? If the answer is “yes,” explore the Course Review and Consultation service here at DELTA a little further.

What will I learn about my course?

First and foremost, you’ll see how your course addresses the relationship of course learning goals to: module learning objectives, assignments, assessments, resources, and learner engagement…key components of the Quality Matters Rubric. You’ll also receive information about course technologies, learner support, and accessibility.

Who reviews my course and how long does it take?

Presently, a team of two instructional designers at DELTA (consisting of a lead reviewer and a co-reviewer) review your course. If you decide to have your course reviewed, the Lead Reviewer contacts you and asks you to complete a survey that takes about 15 minutes and asks you for information such as the URL for the course, as well as technologies and materials you use in the course. There is also a space for your comments. The lead reviewer and co-reviewer review the survey results and contact you if they have any questions. Then, they request a copy of your course, without student data, so that the course review can begin. So, once the process begins, it usually takes four to six weeks to complete the review.

What’s next after my course is reviewed?

After the course review is complete and a preliminary final report is written by the reviewers, you are contacted and a consultation time is set-up. Usually, we set aside approximately an hour and a half. After talking with you, the final report is then completed. Further consultations can also be set up with the instructional designer to work on various aspects of your course.

Where do I sign up?

If you would like to schedule a course review, contact Cleo Magnuson ( or 513-3009) or David Howard ( or 513-7020).

(This post is a follow-up to our DELTAwire post of 10/22/10: Quality Matters and Course Evaluation.)