DELTA Team Updates

Academic Technologies Coordination – Distance Education

Laura Stephenson, Larry Evans

We have a vast amount of content being recorded in the DE mini-studio since our last update and through the Fall from entire courses to supplemental lectures and updating existing content.  Courses included are ACC 200, ACC, 310, ACC 311, BIO 410, COM 200, COM 250, COM 292, EC 205, ECD 510, ENG 232, ENG 448, ENG 261, ENG 262, FLS 201, FLS 202, MB 411, MUS 180, PE 102, PEC 381, PEH 284, PP 506, PSY 230, ST 232, and WGS 293.

Our unit also recorded production videos for PE 102, ARE 306, PEC 381, along with thirteen course information videos. We were able to offer remote recordings for 18 events of which we streamed 11 sessions live to participants across the US.

Mediasite usage has grown immensely on campus. This summer, our unit along with several other units in DELTA, have been involved in the planning and development of a plan for Mediasite services for campus as we look at ways we can support this continued growth. We look forward to sharing this plan will all DELTA staff and the campus very soon!