DELTA Awards 2010-11 IDEA Grants

DELTA is pleased to announce the awarding of $147,500 in new IDEA Grants to twenty recipients across nine academic colleges at NC State. The lead faculty member and title for each project supported this year are listed below:

Robin Fran Abrams ARC 140: Experiencing Architecture
Michael J. Bustle GTI 401 – Culture Windows: On-Line International Student Success Modules
James W Brown MB 451: Microbial Diversity – Development of a DE section
Ronald K Campbell ARE 106: Introduction to American and International Business Law
Danesha Gita Seth Carley CS 415: Integrated Pest Management – Establishing a Distance Education Course
Nilda G Cosco LAR 492: Design for Children and Family Landscapes
Dan Barry Croom AEE 524: New Media Methods – Coordinating the High School Agricultural Education Program
Amanda Ross Edwards PS 305: in The Justice System in the American Political Process – Proposal for a Distance Education Course
Lori Beth Holcomb ECI 515: Internet Applications & Web Design
Janet Hudson ENG 332: Streamlining Feedback in Online Writing Instruction
Cynthia L Istook FTM 219: Development of Teaching Aids for Apparel Product Analysis
Chad Victor Jordan PB 200: Plant Life – Development of a Distance Education offering
Sharolyn A Lane PSY 230: Enhancing Comprehension of Research Methods and Statistics Via Animation and Collaborative Work
Laura Linker ENG 251: Major British Writers
Marguerite Murray Moore FTM 385: An Integrative Approach to Teaching Consumer Research in Textiles in an Online Environment
Seth Murray IS 200: Introduction to International Studies
Jonathan L Phillips ARE132: Personnel Management
William R Robinson PY 211: College Physics I – adapted for Distance Education
Daniel E Saloni WPS 595: Manufacturing Excellence
Edward Weems Jr. ARE 113: Principles of Salesmanship

DELTA’s Innovation in Distributed Education Applications (IDEA) Grants are a competitive awards program that promotes innovation in the use of instructional technology in online distance teaching and learning, builds expertise in this area, and enhances the technology-rich learning environment at North Carolina State University. DELTA provides assistance in the form of personnel hours and funds to faculty and staff to support the planning, design and development of high quality distance education courses. The DELTA IDEA Grants, seek to cultivate instructional excellence in online environments by promoting new ideas, teaching methods, and technologies.

If you would like to learn more about the IDEA Grants, visit the website, read about the history of the program, and look at some of the FAQs. You may also e-mail any questions you might have to