Remote Testing

Do any of your Online and Distance Education students require remote testing?

If you choose to offer testing through DELTA, your students who live outside a 50-mile radius of campus may be able to use a proctor in their local area.

The DELTA Testing staff will coordinate all remote proctoring for your students. Our staff will approve appropriate proctoring services including local colleges, universities and in some instances, public libraries. Proctors must provide their work email address (no Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc). All proctoring arrangements are subject to your approval as the instructor.

The student is responsible for finding an appropriate proctor and submitting this information for approval. The students are also responsible for scheduling their exam(s) with the remote proctor. If the proctor has a test administration fee, or if the proctor requires compensation, the student must cover the cost.

No exam information will be released until you have approved the proctor and the proctor has accepted the testing agreement. The student and the proctor will be notified via email once this process has been completed.