Faculty Resources

Below are the top things you should know to about using DELTA Testing Services.

Course Information

To request DELTA Testing Services for your course, faculty must submit exam information once a semester. The deadline is the fifth day of classes.

  • DE courses will have priority registration each semester. After that period, on-campus courses/sections will be processed until capacity is reached.
  • Once a regular semester day has reached capacity it will be unavailable. There is no cap for days within NC State’s Final Examination period each semester. However all testing is still offered only by appointment.
    • Monday – Thursday: 900 students
    • Friday: 500 students
  • Testing dates are available on a first-come basis. If a date you desire is unavailable the testing center is either closed or at max capacity. To use testing services, please choose the next available date or consider altering your exam window.
  • Our calendar will reflect dates where testing services are unavailable. The testing centers are unavailable during:
    • Holidays
    • Weekends
    • University closings/inclement weather
    • Planned staff development or team building

If you have not worked with DELTA Testing Services in the past, please contact Sharon Broere, Senior Associate Director of Online and Distance Education Administrative Services, sfergus@ncsu.edu.

Verify Exam Information

If you have already submitted, view your exam dates, passwords, and other pertinent information.

Makeup Exams

Please see our Best Practices if you are inquiring about our availability to administer makeup exams.

DRO Accommodations

DELTA Testing Services administers accommodated testing in partnership with the Disability Resources Office for on-campus and distance education courses.

  • Faculty, it is the student’s responsibility to provide their accommodation letter to DELTA Testing Services via delta_accommodations@ncsu.edu 72 hours prior to making the first appointment of the semester for your course. Failure to submit the letter within the appropriate time frame for processing may result in forfeiting accommodations for the first exam.

Extensions/User Overrides

Faculty, if you are making an exception, such as allowing a student to take an exam early or late, please coordinate with our staff using the extension form. This requires the student’s Unity ID.

Additionally, if your exams are online, you are solely responsible for entering user overrides for DRO time accommodations, as well as late or early exams, in your LMS.

  • Please notify our staff of all late or early exams at least 72 hours in advance of the desired date by using the Extension Form. Otherwise, students will be unable to make an appointment.
  • Learn how to implement a user override for time accommodations and extensions.
  • For paper-based exams, simply submit the extension form.
  • For online exams, submit the extension form and enter the user override in your LMS.

Faculty Report

Use this tool to view metrics for each local exam administered at DELTA Testing Services in your course.

  • View which students have made local appointments and confirm that they appeared for the exam.
    • New and rescheduled appointments require 24 hours to appear in your portal.
  • Show the status of remote proctor requests submitted to our office.
    • New: A request for a new proctor that has yet to be vetted by our staff.
    • Tentative Approval: The request has been initially approved by our staff, but the proctor has yet to accept the final email agreement.
    • Approved: The request has been vetted and the proctor has accepted the final agreement. Exam material will be sent typically 2 business days prior to each exam window.