WaitTime Web Application

To help balance periods of heavy and light traffic at DELTA’s Testing Centers and to improve the testing experience for students, DELTA staff developed the WaitTime web application.


  • Alleviate stress on the Testing Centers during peak times, such as mid-term and final exams.
  • Make the testing process more efficient for students by eliminating long waits.
  • Inform students of their position in line so that they don’t have to ask Testing Center staff repeatedly how many people are in line ahead of them.
  • Promote the launch and availability of the application and accumulate a large group of users among Distance Education students.


The team developed a web application with a simple interface that:

  • allows students to check the estimated wait time for each of the Testing Centers on a given day
  • tells students how many people are waiting in line at each of the┬áTesting Centers at any point in time
  • tells students upon check-in what their position in line is, if there is a wait and while they are waiting

Because the application is a web application, rather than an app registered with a particular device or app store, it will work on any smartphone and can be modified and updated without requiring any action by the user.

The mobile nature of the application makes it simple for students to check the app prior to, or after, their arrival at the Testing Center.

To notify Distance Education students of the app and generate users, the marketing team created cards with QR codes linking to the app and handed these out at the Testing Centers. They also posted fliers notifying students that the app was available and included a WaitTime announcement in emails to students using the Testing Centers.

After launching WaitTime in spring 2013, the Testing Centers reported little to no waiting for spring exams. WaitTime traffic increased rapidly, and students seemed to value the convenience that the app provided.


WaitTime web application: http://go.ncsu.edu/waittime

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