Mediasite Mobile

In January 2013, DELTA released to the campus Mediasite 6.0, a significant upgrade that introduced the ability for video playback on demand from mobile devices. As one of the new features in the upgrade, Mediasite 6.0 allows students to open a video on any newer Android or iOS mobile device and watch that video anywhere they have sufficient bandwith to do so.


The upgrade to Mediasite 6.0 that allowed for mobile playback included significant challenges, such as the following:

  • Campus-wide collaboration from a technical and system administration perspective to ensure that the upgrade process was as smooth as possible for partner administrators.
  • A complete change in hardware infrastructure. Because not all Mediasite hardware across campus is the same, the team had to develop a common denominator and develop a process that would work for that system.
  • Moving from .wmv files to recording in .mp4 using the H.264 Codec.


The Mediasite team worked through the project challenges to implement the upgrade in an efficient manner. The result was the release of Mediasite mobile in spring 2013. For courses where the instructor had enabled mobile playback, NC State students could then view Mediasite recordings on mobile devices (newer Android or iOS) anywhere they had sufficient bandwidth to do so. The team began tracking use analytics, which showed increasing traffic on mobile devices.


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