Leadership in the Public Sector (Analytics)

DELTA staff collaborated with program director Amanda Edwards to design a new online analytics solution for the Leadership in the Private Sector program website. This program acts as an online degree completion vehicle for individuals interested in attaining leadership positions in the public sector.


  • After working with DELTA to redesign the website and markedly improve application volume, LPS found themselves at risk of wasting online ad spend, rather than not having enough.
  • DELTA was tasked with utilizing analytics to determine what online behaviors could be used to predict matriculation, and then provide reporting to guide ad spend accordingly.


Define Most Valuable Content
Based on our interviews, users’ number one question was “How much previous academic credits or military training could apply as credits for transfer?” Information on payment options and flexible enrollment options came in second place .

Develop Capture Mechanisms
Based on these insights, LPS created a phone-based liaison service. To support these efforts, we created intermediate online steps, such as scheduling a consultation, beginning an online chat, or filling out a brief questionnaire. Online chat is now the greatest point of engagement with year over year growth of 150%.

Configure and Deploy Google Analytics
We set up site analytics to track each engagement activity so that we could better understand who was using what engagement methods at what times of the year relative to the next application deadline.

Review Findings Monthly & Draw Conclusions
By closely monitoring these trends we identified several novel and counter-intuitive insights.


The new Google Analytics implementation can predict matriculation 6 months in advance, with 90% accuracy. Insights generated from our reports have led to the lowest average cost per click for student recruitment in program history, and overall marketing spend has actually decreased while enrollment volume has gone up almost 100%.

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